Is Hornswoggle the Best There Is, Was, and Ever Will Be in the WWE?

Paul AustinCorrespondent IJune 2, 2010

The future of wrestling is here, and it's green!

Whilst critics, often jealous of his in-ring abilities, frequently call for his release from the WWE, I've never been able to understand why anyone would want to see the decline of the talented, impish superstar we know as Hornswoggle.

Dylan Postl is an exceptional athlete with one of the widest move sets in the industry—from his legendary tadpole splash, ankle biting, and his patented roll under the ring.

Is there any other wrestler with more moves working today?

His microphone skills have improved to no end over his time in the WWE. And indeed, on at least half an occasion, I almost didn't need subtitles!

As for his in ring ability, Hornswoggle has wrestled with the best and has shown he is not wanting when it comes to the skill and ability needed to progress in the world of Sports Entertainment.

As a six year veteran of the industry, Postl is no stranger to long running feuds, such as his legendary feud against Chavo Guerrero, and has shown his ability to rise to the top with his capture of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after he pinned Jamie Noble in a Cruiserweight Open at The Great American Bash, 2007.

What's disappointed me is that he's not been given a decent push since then, and that he's not been given at least one crack at the world title.

When you look at someone like Shawn Michaels, who looks more like a mid-card jobber next to Postl, you think that despite his obvious limitations, Michaels was able to become a four-time world champion, a three-time WWF Champion, and a former World Heavyweight Champion.  You have to ask why someone of Hornswoggle's ability has never really been given a chance with the company.

I think Postl has what it takes to be the next face of the company, and I'd like to see him get a long title run this year to give him the chance to establish himself as a firm fans' favorite and as the modern future of the WWE and Sports Entertainment worldwide!

I think if I was booking for the next year, I'd drop The Undertaker, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, and Rey Mysterio from the top of the card, then re-hire The Giant González and the Boogeyman. Then I would join them together in a four way feud for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Postl and The Great Khali.

Can you imagine that as a headline match at the new Fatal-Four-way Pay-Per-View?

You could guarantee two million PPV buys, just on that one bout alone, and possibly more if you had Vickie Guerrero as the special guest referee, which could probably lead to a love angle with her and Hornswoggle.

Alternatively, the WWE could recognize that the joke has been over for a long time now, even in the eyes of the young kids, who at one time found the 'Little Bastard' amusing.   Hornswoggle's appearance on any card is no longer a thing of delight, but a moment of pain, especially for those wrestlers whose careers are blighted by being placed as his partner or adversary in a feud.

Last summer the WWE gave him a marathon feud against Chavo Guerrero in which the two competed in a series of gimmick matches each week, determined by the weekly Guest Host for Raw. Let's hope that this summer they give him his pink slip.

Slán libh Hornswoggle!