Bud Selig: The Happiest Man in Baseball

Padua FiretailCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

The happiest man in baseball this morning has to be Bud Selig. As Tim McCarver and Joe Buck informed viewers of the 79th All-Star game a little too much last night, the game was about one inning away from being called as another tie.

Yes, the events of 2002 with Torri Hunter's game-winni...err, game-tying catch of a potential Barry Bonds home run was the signature moment of the night, resulting in Bud Selig being booed were amazing.

It felt doubly amazing for Twins fans as the team had risen from the depths to become contenders and eliminate words like "contraction" from their minds. It was Justin Morneau who stole away the Home Run derby in a fashion similar to Josh Hamilton two nights ago.

Josh Hamilton was similar to "The Natural," the famous music was played towards the end of the first round. And "Jason" Morneau was very gracious and directed Erin Andrews towards Hamilton after he won. Hamilton was for sure the story of the night, but a slighted Morneau was the main story for the next couple of days.

Morneau got a little bit of revenge as he came a split second away from beating out an infield single after Tejada made an incredible play which would have ended the game. Still, he finished 2-4 with an intentional walk and two runs scored. While J.D. Drew justifiably won the MVP, it still capped off an incredible night and an incredible All-Star break.

Like the pre-game video montage following the hour-long extended commercial for Chevy, Yankee stadium appeared unwilling to say goodbye. It truly is a cathedral of baseball and I'm incredibly glad I was able to see it before they took it down.

While McGwire, Williams, and Pedro shined in Fenway Park in 1999 and helped to bring baseball back, this recent All-Star game—as TMC and JB told listeners way too often—will continue to keep baseball afloat despite all of the controversy surrounding the Mitchell Report, Jose Canseco, Balco, and Barry.

For one night baseball fans could forget about that as Yankee Stadium sure pulled off some magic.