NFL Feast: Giving Thanks for Brett Favre

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NFL Feast: Giving Thanks for Brett Favre anyone catch that postgame interview with Brett Favre today?

The contrast between the boys in the studio and the player on the field was fascinating—both physically and in terms of attitude.

First, James Brown wants to talk Brett Favre.

But Brett Favre wants to talk Donald Driver.

"Well I'll tell you one thing that worked well for us was Donald Driver. I tell ya, he makes me look great—I threw him a couple of three-yard passes, and he's almost impossible to tackle on the first go around."

Donald Driver.

Not Marvin Harrison, not Randy Moss, not Terrell Owens—but Donald Driver.  A two time Pro-Bowler, but surely not a Hall-of-Famer.

Favre completed 20 straight passes today. He went 31 for 41 for 381 yards, three touchdowns, and no picks.

He's solidifying his legacy as one the very best QBs of all time. The spotlight is on him.  But first things first:

He's gotta give props to his teammate.

A bright-eyed, hair-gelled, Hollywood Hank Dan Marino enters the conversation at this point, asking the grizzled Favre whether he's having one of his best seasons ever.

Favre looks like he has tears in his eyes—maybe it's because of the cold weather in Detroit, or maybe because talking about the game he loves brings out so much emotion in him.

He says that he feels he's better than he's ever been. That his decision-making skills are more mature now, but he's still being aggressive and making plays. That he's playing as good as he can play thus far this season.

James Brown asks about Brett's Thanksgiving plans.

"We'll be home shortly. It's a short trip for us, but DeAnne stayed up till midnight last night cooking."

Favre then elaborates on all the details of his upcoming feast.

Tom Brady is out impregnating models, and Brett Favre can't wait to get home for a hearty Thanksgiving meal courtesy of his beloved wife.

It's been a pleasure to watch Favre this season. The man is a class act, both on and off the field.

Favre represents everything that is good about the game of football—he has the heart of a lion and is all team all the time. He plays through injuries and pain with regularity.

And he won't quit playing football until he's physically unable to throw the ball.

These are great times for NFL fans. We have two outstanding teams in each league that play consistently quality ball week-in and week-out. We're witnessing one of the greatest individual team performances in the history of the game.  A rookie running back with Barry Sanders-like moves is leading the league in rushing.

And to top it all off, we have the privilege of watching Brett Favre, at 38 years old, working his magic once again.

It's the season we've all been waiting for, and it's finally here.  Bring on the playoffs. 

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