Notre Dame Will Be National Champions By 2010

IRISHsubway FANCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

"Charlie Weis is a fat, stubborn coach who has done more harm than good for the Irish."

How many times, as ND fans, have we heard or read something like this?  It gets pointless to defend Weis against "fans" of any collegiate football team.

Fact is, Charlie Weis came in with players from Ty Willingham's Irish and turned them into a phenomenal football team.  Records were broken, great games were played, and the bandwagon was full of Notre Dame's "No. 1 fan."

Then Ty's complete lack of recruiting took its toll.  With less than a handful of upperclassmen, Notre Dame had an absolutely atrocious season.  The bandwagon emptied back out.

Good.  Go.  Stay out.  You are no longer welcome here.

Charlie Weis is making a team that will do what college football teams need to do—win championships.

The offense he is creating has more stars than the Milky Way.  With offensive linemen Zach Martin, Chris Watt, and Alex Bullard, all four or five-star recruits, and Xavier Nixon and Anthony Lalota still in the mix, Coach Weis is addressing the biggest issue of the 3-9 season.

He already has Dayne Crist, a stud five-star QB out of California, and five-star WR Michael Floyd, and now adds RB Cierre Wood, the best running back coming out in 2009.  Also on offense, TEs Tyler Eifert and Jake Golic, and four-star RB Theo Giddick have committed.  That is an offense that will put points on the board.

Jon Tenuta is a defensive genius, and defensive coordinator Corwyn Brown has brought the shutdown 3-4 to the team.  With DT Tyler Stockton in the center, it should run okay.  He will be joined by LBs David Posluszny, Dan Fox, and Carlo Calabrese, with outstanding CB Marlon Pollard.

Also, CB Darrin Walls should be returning next year, to be joined by Gary Gray, Jamoris Slaughter, and Robert Blanton.

With a strong defensive line—which Weis & Co. should be able to focus on after one more tall receiver and another stud OL—there is no position on the field where we will be hurting.

Almost everyone I mentioned is recruited for next year, and it is not even recruiting season yet.  That is what the "fat, stubborn coach" has brought to this team.

So again, to all of the Weis-haters who have been calling for his head, and all of the other teams' fans—I hope you got your licks in, because a reign of tyranny is coming.  The dynasty that is Notre Dame football is coming, and it will be released no later than 2010.

Coach Weis already has a decent team, and he will show you what he can do with players that he coached, not hand-me-downs from Ty Willingham, the LAZIEST coach in CFB.

Irish fans everywhere, drink the Kool-Aid: It tastes delicious.