Vince Young: At This Point, He's Just a Big Bust

Nohome JeromeCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

Vince Young's third season in the NFL is about to start. The former star of the University of Texas led the Titans to the playoffs last season. Nevertheless, his play did not meet expectations.

In his rookie season, he was named the Rookie of the Year. He took the starting job in the fourth week and finished the year with an 8-5 record.

In 2008, he has to show another level. If he fails, doubts on him will appear, and he will be considered another draft bust.

Honestly, his play should step up. He is an outstanding player, and he should be able to improve his play.

However, his previous season was very poor. He didn’t produce much and struggled in many times of the season.

He threw 17 interceptions against only nine touchdowns. Yes, nine touchdowns in 16 games. Ridiculous. He had 10 games without a single TD-pass, including a postseason defeat at San Diego.

Not only was Young's arm ineffective, but he wasn't a threat on the ground either, averaging 4.2-yards per carry. He also had 10 fumbles, losing three.

With these stats, he has received less criticism than he deserves. His showdown at the 2006 Rose Bowl is still remembered. That game, added with his winning character, has planted a positive impression of him on the critics, despite what his stats say.

But time is against Young. The Rose Bowl starts to get further and further in the past, and with these performances, his team will not be in the playoff hunt another year.


Let Him Run

For these reasons, I consider Vince Young a big bust. Right now, he is a media product. An athlete than appears on a video-game cover and in thousands of ads.

Nevertheless, Young has the potential, and skills, to dominate the game of football. He has to be allowed to use them. Coach Jeff Fisher has to give him total freedom. He can’t misuse him as a pocket passer.

Vince Young will struggle if he is not allowed to run.

It's quite simple; his legs are a difference maker. He is not outstanding at reading defenses or selecting the best choice, but he is one of best scrambling quarterbacks in the game.

If he is able to run, he will be special; his team will be more dynamic and will win a solid amount of football games. But if Fisher tries to change his way of playing, he will remain an underperforming quarterback, and he will be remembered as a big-time bust.

Just another big-time bust...