Who Decides Which Wrestlers Get a Push, The Fans Or WWE?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2010

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Pro Wrestling is one of those events that is unlike anything else out there.  They put on more than just a sport; they put on a show.

WWE is known world wide for their over the top characters, controversial storylines and bodybuilder type wrestlers.  WWE took over the world market for wrestling a long time ago.

WWE has had some huge stars over the years, some of which have moved on to bigger and better things.  The Rock went on to be a big movie star, Austin is just getting his movie career rolling, we all know how Hulk Hogan turned out and Brock Lesnar became UFC champion.

So the question is, who decides who becomes a huge star, the WWE or the fans?

I truly beleive that it is a mix of both.  WWE has pushed several people to world titles who don't get more than a golf clap reaction from the fans, while other wrestlers whose crowd reactions could make you deaf are kept at the bottom.

There are many factors that contribute to a wrestler's success.  Their look, in ring ability, mic skills and report with the fans all contribute to the star's success.

Their are some stars who the fans pushed for, and they got their push.  Jeff Hardy was one of those guys who got the biggest cheers at events and went more than fifteen years without seeing a world title.

Other guys like Brock Lesnar and Sheamus were pushed to World Title wins very early in their careers.

With Brock, it made sense.  He drew huge heat from the fans and had the look of a champion.  Sheamus on the other hand, may have the physique, but not the crowd reaction.  So why was he pushed?

John Cena is another wrestler who found success relatively early in his career.  After his initial face turn he became the fan favorite due to his clever raps about his opponents.  Soon Cena merchandise began flying off the shelves, so the WWE did what they thought was best and made him the face of WWE.

Some people work hard for everything they have while others get everything handed to them. That is the way of the world.  Wrestling is not the only place where politics backstage make for strange bedfellows and enemies.

Some may say Cena is bland and does not deserve the spot he has, but those critics cannot deny that he has been an amazing entertainer in the ring.  He went years without so much as a twisted ankle keeping him from action.

Cena puts in the hours off the clock too, by making numerous appearances and doing interviews, as well as being the top wish granter for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

If the fans were tho only ones who dictated who made it to the top then guys like Matt Hardy and Christian would have held world titles by now, and guys like Sheamus and Jack Swagger would be in the mid-card matches.

Truth of the matter is that it is a give and take business.  Sometimes WWE gives you what you want and other times they take all your hope away.

It is what we as wrestling fans have had to endure for over a century.

So what do you think, who makes the stars famous, WWE or the fans?