The 10 Worst Gimmicks in WWE History

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IMay 17, 2010

The 10 Worst Gimmicks in WWE History

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    If you are a wrestling fan like myself you have undoubtedly seen some pretty bad gimmicks over the years.

    You've seen everything from a Ugandan Giant that slaps his belly to a guy dressed as a turkey hatching out of an egg.

    But alas, there has to be ten of the most horrible gimmicks that Vinnie Mac ever put together, and while it can be debated who goes where in this top ten, there is no question that each is a terrible gimmick.

Mr. America

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    Hulk Hogan had done all there could be to do in the world of professional wrestling. He had slammed and beaten the invincible Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III.

    He had gone from face to heel in the old WCW when he joined the NWO. He had even come back to the WWE and made one last main event run in his late 40's and early 50's.

    But there was one thing Hogan hadn't had, and that was a terrible gimmick.

    Amidst a storyline of Vince McMahon making Hogan sit out the rest of his contract after defeating him at Wrestlemania 19 arose this Mr. America.

    He came out to the same Hogan music, the mask was terrible, and the plot was pointless. Is that enough for you?

    Hogan later walked out citing creative differences. Maybe because the creative team sucked at the time...

Bastion Booger

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    Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one has to be worth that and then some.

    Poor Mike Shaw, AKA Bastion Booger. It seems for most of his professional career all he had been given were crappy gimmicks.

    Whether it was his Norman the Lunatic gimmick in WCW, or his Friar Ferguson persona one thing was constant, they all sucked.

    The most widely known of his persona was Bastion Booger in which he played a fat, slobby, unkept man (Great thinking Vince! Wherever did ya come up with that one).

    Unfortunately the best Boog could do was invoke a feud with Bam Bam Bigelow over his escort Luna Vachon and a few weeks later he was let go.

    Bastion Booger, my pick (ha ha) for No. 9 on the worst gimmicks list.


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    Well the gimmicks don't get any better than belly slapping, and Kamala was at least good for that. A Vince McMahon creation back in the mid 80's, Kamala posed as a Ugandan Giant, which really never made sense because most people there aren't 300 pounds.

    Either way, Kamala had some memorable moments including eating a live chicken on the air, (aided by some clever 80's edits) get thrown into some caskets, and eventually being taught to bowl by none other than Rev. Slick himself.

    Since he looks like he eats, I am gonna put him at 8.

The Boogeyman

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    So this next gimmick ate worms and that;s about it. They called him the Boogeyman, but for Marty Wright it was just a sh**ty gimmick.

    For months they built him up like he was gonna be the next big thing, showing vignettes of him terrorizing superstars in the back by eating worms. Again, I am gonna say this, he ate worms, that's it.

    He would hang around until early 2009 doing much of the same, jumping out at people, scaring them, eating worms.

    His biggest match may have came against Booker T at Wrestlemania 22 where he got a quick win over Booker due to a bicep tear.

    At No. 7 it's the Boogeyman, and again, this guy ate worms! WTF?


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    Nailz is a gimmick that is not as well known as some others, but basically just as lame. However for Kevin Wacholz, the man who portrayed him, his real-life mean streak was not as lame.

    Nailz joined the WWF back in the early 90's, and as any convict would, he feuded with the Big Boss Man (Where do they come up with this stuff?).

    During the storyline, Nailz accused the Boss Man of mistreating him, blah blah and perhaps sticking his nightstick where it shouldn't go.

    They feuded for several months, ending with a Boss Man victory, and then fiction became reality.

    In a fight over money, Wacholz allegedly choked Vince McMahon until he was blue in the face ( now that is a match I would pay 34.95 to see) and he was later fired.

    For that I give the Nailz persona a No. 6 on my level of crappy gimmicks.

The Goon

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    There isn't much you can say about a guy in hockey gear that wrestles except for suck. Maybe this is why WCW was starting to beat WWF back in 1996.

    Barney Irwin was pretty much a journeyman when he landed at the WWF in 1996, and what did the creative geniuses have for him, a clumsy hockey player who wrestles.

    Supposedly he had been kicked out of every hockey league for fighting, but that was not believable since he was so clumsy in the ring even the jobbers had a hard time losing to him.

    A few months after his debut he was kicked out of another league, this time for sucking, and he would not be seen in WWE until the gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 17 where he was the first one thrown out.

    A top five spot for the Goon, probably the closest he will ever get to No. 1 at anything.

Repo Man

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    You know the WWF has run out of ideas when they take Smash from Demolition and say, Hey, how about you go around stealing crap, and we will call you the Repo Man?" Ah, the early 90's WWF, you gotta love it.

    His gimmick was simply, he is gonna steal your shit. Hey, at least it was simple, right?

    After matches he would tie opponents to the turnbuckle and beat them up. He had vignettes where he appeared to steal stuff. Pretty basic crap for that time period.

    Perhaps the greatest feud ever was between him and the Macho Man, when he stole Mach's hat. Yep, I said it, he stole his hat.

    Is that really the best they could come up with? Maybe he should have stolen a better gimmick.

    Anyway, a top four finish has been stolen by none other than the Repo Man.

Isaac Yankem

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    So now we are up to this, the evil dentist. Isaac Yankem was not just any dentist, he was Jerry Lawler's dentist.

    He feuded with the likes of Bret Hart for a while, showed his nasty smile here and there, and basically no one cared.

    Again this was in the mid 90's when no one cared about wrestling, so WWF just decided to make this huge monster of a man an evil dentist, and did it work?

    Nope, Glenn Jacobs would go one to bigger and better things with the WWF including his Kane persona.

    The dirty dentist gets a No. 3 spot, coincidentally it's the same number of teeth he screwed up to play the part.

The Gooker

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    Who could forget the 1990 Survivor Series and the mysterious egg? For weeks WWF programming had hyped up the hatching of this egg, and many speculated on it being a new star, perhaps from WCW or elsewhere.

    But, knowing now what I didn't back then I can tell you that a lot of fans were highly pissed off at the end of this segment.

    Instead of a new wrestler coming out, perhaps a Zeus or a Papa Shango, it was a guy in a turkey suit, aka Hector Guerrero. The crowd booed as he danced around Mean Gene in the ring, and then something happened.

    This something may have been one of the smartest things Vinny Mac ever did: he just stopped mentioning the Gooker.

    What? You can just stop talking about them and they go away? No!

    Many fans always rate this one numero uno, but I give it a two, as in just went to the bathroom and twoed.


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    Drum Roll..................

    A guy who acts like a bull gets the top spot tonight. Mike Hallick got the wrong end of the deal when he came to the WWF in the mid 90's as he became known as the fierce animal like guy that dresses like a bull, Mantaur.

    In the ring he was stomp and snort and try his best to BULLy you around, and from what I remember wasn't a bad wrestler. He would compete with the likes of Bret Hart and Razor Ramon for periods of time before getting tired of snorting and fall victim to them.

    He appeared in just one pay-per-view, the Royal Rumble, and actually stomped and snorted for ten minutes.

    But after a loss to Sparky Plug in the '95 King of the Ring qualifiers Mantaur had decided that Vince had horned him up his mantaur enough and asked for his release.

    He later went on to the butcher shop where he made some lucky family very happy.

Honorable Mention

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    So, there you have it. That was my list of the worst WWF/WWE gimmicks of all time. Now I am sure I have missed some, so I will try and name as many as possible down below.

    Beginning with Tugboat, Earthquake, Rhythym and Blues, Crash Holly, Duke the Dumpster, Kim Chee, Slick, One Man Gang, Akeem, the Mountie, Red Rooster, John Heidenreich, and one other I will throw in, the NWO in the WWE.

    I am sure everyone has a different take, so feel free to add comments below, and remember, this is WWF/WWE, so the Shockmaster will have to wait for another day....

Honorable Mention

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