Can We Get Some Respect?: Cowboys are 9-1 and Deserve It!

Kody BrannonCorrespondent INovember 20, 2007

IconHad you told me at the begining of the season that the Dallas Cowboys would be 9-1 going into thanksgiving, I would have laughed and said "yeah right!"

Even the best guesses for this team with a new head coach had 11 maybe 12 wins max. But here we are, the days leading up to the annual Thanksgiving day game in Dallas, and the Boys are 9-1.

While everybody has ignored the Cowboys this season, they showed the world that yes they can play with New England. But like everybody predicted, New England did win the game. But since that game, the Cowboys have been on a tear, eating alive division opponents at home and abroad.

Looking at the body of work that has been displayed by the team, I will be the first to say that the national media now has to give the cowboys their due. And when the Green Bay Packers make their trek into Dallas in a couple of weeks, it will probably be for homefield advantage and the top spot in the NFC. And if the cowboys can walk away with a victory in that contest, I dare anybody to come out and say they aren't the best team in the NFC, and 2nd best team in the NFL (as I think they are right now).

The Cowboys are playing just as well as the Patriots—granted, not in as strong a confrence, but still just as good. But the media wants to focus on the undefeated season.

Well shine some of that spotlight this way.

Because T.O. is ready to butter up that popcorn and put on a show here for the last few weeks of the season. And it will be the hottest ticket in the NFC.

I feel that the Cowboys today could beat the Patriots hands down. The Cowboys have played generally stronger opponents and won with better team play. The Patriots, on the other hand, are doing it with individual stats.

So to those who want to continue to focus on the Patriots and ignore the Cowboys, just keep doing it—because we will be here winning games and making that march to Glendale. And there will be a suprise on Super Bowl sunday when the Cowboys run out on that field and punch the Patriots in the mouth and end an undefeated season by winning the biggest game of them all.