Baseball: The All-National League Central Division Team

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Baseball: The All-National League Central Division Team

Catcher: Geovany Soto (Chc)
Soto leads NL Central catchers with 56 RBI, 16 HR, and 92 hits. He's also batting .288 with an .887 OPS.

First Base: Lance Berkman (Hou)
Berkman leads NL Central first basemen with 1.084 OPS, 15 stolen bases, 73 RBI, and 22 HR. He's also batting .343 with 116 hits.

Second Base: Brandon Phillips (Cin)
Phillips leads NL Central second basemen with 106 hits, 15 HR, and 60 RBI. He also is batting .278.

Shortstop: Ryan Theriot (Chc)
Theriot leads NL Central shortstops with 112 hits, .320 average, 15 stolen bases, and .395 OBP. He has 25 RBI (which is decent for a leadoff hitter).

Third Base: Aramis Ramirez (Chc)
Ramirez (barely) leads NL Central third basemen with 17 HR, 66 RBI, .282 average, and an .891 OPS.

Outfield: Carlos Lee (Hou)
Lee leads NL Central outfielders with 77 RBI and is top-three with .301 average, 109 hits, 22 HR, and a .903 OPS.

Outfield: Ryan Ludwick (Stl)
Ludwick is top-five in offensive categories with 22 HR, 68 RBI, .966 OPS, and .289 average.

Outfield: Ryan Braun (Mil)
Braun is top-five in offensive categories with 23 HR, 66 RBI, .287 batting average, and 109 hits. he has an .880 OPS.

Starting Pitcher: Edinson Volquez (Cin)
Volquez leads NL Central pitchers with a 2.29 ERA, 126 strikeouts, and 12 wins. He has a 1.24 WHIP and .212 BAA.

Starting Pitcher: Carlos Zambrano (Chc)
Zambrano has a 2.84 ERA, 10 wins, 78 strikeouts, and a 1.23 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Ben Sheets (Mil)
Sheets leads NL Central starters with a 1.11 WHIP. He also has a 2.85 ERA, 10 wins, and 108 strikeouts.

Starting Pitcher: Ryan Dempster (Chc)
Dempster has a .212 BAA, 3.25 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 104 strikeouts, and 10 wins.

Starting Pitcher: Kyle Lohse (Stl)
Lohse leads NL Central starters (tied) with 12 wins. He also has a 3.35 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, and 63 strikeouts.

Closer: Kerry Wood (Chc)
Wood leads NL Central closers with a 1.01 WHIP, 24 saves, 55 strikeouts, and .201 BAA. He also has a 3.02 ERA.

Batting Order

1. Ryan Theriot
2. Ryan Ludwick
3. Ryan Braun
4. Lance Berkman
5. Carlos Lee
6. Aramis Ramirez
7. Brandon Phillips
8. Geovanny Soto
9. Edinson Volquez

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