Fantasy Football's Top 10 Running Backs

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

     1. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD

Upside: plays behind a good offensive line, Michael Turner is gone, easiest rush defense schedule, the most consistent running back in the league

Downside: showed injury issues at the end of last season

     2. Adrian Peterson, MIN

Upside: sophomore year, good offensive line

Downside: scored no touchdowns in over half the games he started, extremely streaky, shares the carries with Chester Taylor, injury issues last season

     3. Brian Westbrook, PHI

Upside: prime age, most versatile back in NFL as a receiving threat

Downside: mediocre offensive line, tough rushing schedule

     4. Joseph Addai, IND

Upside: just third year in NFL, decline in passing options, great offensive line

Downside: tough rushing schedule, decline in yards per carry since rookie season

     5. Marion Barber, DAL

Upside: still developing, no more Julius Jones to share carries with, great offensive line blocking for him

Downside: difficult rushing schedule, what will Felix Jones' role be in the offense? Tony Sparano left office

     6. Steven Jackson, STL

Upside: still developing, productivity with a healthy team

Downside: injury issues last season, horrible offensive line, Brian Leonard's role?

     7. Clinton Portis, WAS

Upside: prime age, consistently productive, new head coach?

Downside: injury issues, tough rushing schedule, new head coach?

     8. Ryan Grant, GB

Upside: still developing, ridiculous productivity, good o-line, stronger emphasis on running game if Rodgers starts

Downside: last season a fluke year? how will he fare against the young competition in Green Bay?

     9. Frank Gore, SF

Upside: still developing, young and improving offensive line, easy rushing schedule

Downside: what role will DeShaun Foster play as the No. 2 back? Martz will rely on passing attack more

     10. Marshawn Lynch, BUF

Upside: second year in NFL, easy rushing schedule, rookie productivity

Downside: injured last season, off field issues, Fred Jackson surprise?