New York Superstar Kadeem Jack Chooses Prep School Over College

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIApril 28, 2010

The tension was built up. Kadeem Jack told us to mark our calendars for April 28th, as he would be making the decision on his future that day. A short list of colleges was released with a final five on Jack's mind.

Lincoln High School has been the home to Lance Stephenson, Sebastian Telfair, and now Ethan Telfair. The school's basketball program has become one of Brooklyn and New York's finest. Kadeem Jack was at the center of the team's 2009-2010 success.

UConn, Arkansas, Miami, Arizona, and St. John's were all in Jack's final five choices. He hinted earlier that he would be joining Arizona's squad with Lincoln's Momo Jones. But after a campus visit, although he said he was blown away, he also said he wasn't ready to make a decision.

He had a nice performance at the Jordan Brand Classic when he played for the City team. He had 21 points and was pressed to answer to where he was going to go to college in 2010-2011.

Jack is a monster shot blocker and just kept the tension building by announcing to the New York Post , "I just want to go to a place where I know the coach will develop me, turn me into a pro player one day."

Then the verdict was made today. Kadeem Jack decided to pass up on college for a year and go to prep school. That choice was first reported by Adam Zagoria of, here. The decision surprised many, but did not shock a couple of people. Scout have seen Jack play and noticed that he has only played organized basketball for four years.

Jack said, to SNY , that his final view was, "“Every school is equal to me unless a school just straight out wows me.”

Robert Morris recently received a prep school recruit with Lamount Samuell Jr. Another New York City basketball star Ryan Rhoomes of Cardozo was leaning to prep school. Rhoomes was actually considered very valuable by ESPNU's Class of 2010 rankings.

Rhoomes and Jack could be teammates in 2010-2011. That would be a powerhouse team for any prep school.

Don't you worry, Jack and Rhoomes will not fall off colleges' spotlight. You will see them again and most definitely in the NCAA Tournament in a few years.