The Bills Blew It and Other 1st Round Musings

Jeff WahlCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

If you've ever been Rich Stadium then you've seen this sign and watched it get ignored en masse by the drunken Bills faithful.  Well the sink is now overflowing (spiller-ing?) with the collective urine of Western New York and has clearly flooded the Bills Draft War Room.  But I digress...

What a wild and crazy draft last night.  No mock is ever more than 30% accurate but I think every single one out there was shredded.  Anyways... here's my take

1. St. Louis: Sam Bradford QB (my pick - Bradford) – expected.  Some scouts see Troy Aikman when they watch Bradford play.  If he's half that good then this is a great pick

2. Detroit: Ndamakong Suh DT (my pick - Suh) – A beast.  over/under on career Pro Bowls is 6.5.  I'll take the over.

3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy DT (my pick McCoy) – Dido.  Tampa moms will want this guy to watch their kids... When he's not murdering QB's that is.

4. Washington: Trent Williams OT (my pick - Williams) – Most had Okung here (I didn't) but with Shannahan's zone blocking scheme he needed a more athletic LT.  Enter Trent Williams

5. Kansas City: Eric Berry S  (my pick - Okung) - I was thinking a LT here to push Albert over to RT but Eric Berry is amazing.  He plays an Ed Reed style and he'll be an instant starter.

6. Seattle: Russell Okung LT (my pick - Spiller) – With Walter Jones gone this is a great pick.  The Seattle O-Line is a mess and this pick will go a long way to fixing it.

7. Cleveland: Joe Haden CB (my pick - Eric Berry) – "If Seattle takes Berry then Holmgren tries to trade out of this pick."  Well Seattle didn't take Berry, KC did, and Holmgren stuck to his board and nabbed the best Corner in the draft.  Solid pick.

8. Oakland: Rolando McClain ILB (my pick - Jason Pierre-Paul) – SHOCKER!!!  Why?  Because Al Davis actually made the right pick this time.  He also broke the heart of Giants fans everywhere.  This kid starts day 1.

9. Buffalo: CJ Spiller RB (my pick - Clausen) – Seriously?  What a huge mistake here when this team is in desperate need for everything else, particularly LT and QB.  Passing on Clausen is fine as there are many solid QB prospects later (as it turns out, Clausen is still on the board) but drafting the next Leon Washington at #9 is a goddamn disaster.

10. Jacksonville: Tyson Alualu DT (my pick - Derek Morgan) – Is Buddy Nix the GM here as well?  I'm all for going out to get "your guy" but they could have traded out of this spot into the 20's and still got him (and a 2nd rounder for good measure).  Alualu can be great (or average) but this confused me.  With Dan Williams on the board as well.

11. Seattle (from Denver) Anthony Davis OT (my pick - Joe Haden... at 13) – I like the pick but not the trade.  Miami was not taking a LT (and neither was San Diego it turns out) so jumping the Dolphins at a cost of a 4th rounder doesn't make sense.  Having said that, AD should move to RT and help out this line right away.

12. San Diego (from Miami) Ryan Matthews RB (my pick - Ryan Matthews... at 28) – Wow, San Diego REALLY wanted this guy.  So much so they gave Miami their 2nd and 4th round picks as well as a solid rotational LB in Tim Dobbins who's a special teams beast.  But at the end of the day there really isn't much this team needs from a starting perspective and there's an excellent chance Matthews doesn't make it past Houston.

13. Phillidelphia (from Denver) Brandon Graham DE/OLB (my pick - Devin Mcourty... at 24) – Another example of "getting your guy".  at the cost of two 3rd round picks no less.  However, Philly did need to upgrade their pass rush and this do just that.

14. Seattle: Earl Thomas S (my pick - Anthony Davis) –  At least i was right on the LT pick, just not at the right spot.  Pete Carroll is putting together a great draft with his two picks.  Both of these guys are instant starters at positions of need.

15. New York Giants:  Jason Pierre Paul OLB  (my pick - Earl Thomas) I guess those Osi trade rumour have some serious life now.  Strange pick though if Osi stays.

16. Tennessee: Derek Morgan DE/OLB (my pick - Sergio Kindle) – Well I got the position right so that's some consolation.  Morgan is a great prospect and should step into the role vacated by VandenBosch. 

17. San Francisco: Mike Iupati G/T (my pick - Mike Iupati) – DING DING DING!!!  Mike Singletary is building an athletic and nasty offensive line.  Smith and Gore are man hugging as you read this.

18. Pittsburgh: Maurkice Pouncy G/C (my pick - Bryan Bulaga) – Again, so close.  They did go O-Line though which is the right pick.  Pouncy should start right away and for the next 10 years.

19. Atlanta: Sean Weatherspoon LB (my pick - Dez Bryant) –  I might have whiffed on this pick but Atlanta did not.  They needed to add athleticism to their backfield and Weatherspoon fits the bill.  I love this pick for the Falcons. 

20. Houston: Kareem Jackson CB (my pick - Kyle Wilson) – Once more I nailed the position but not the player.  Nonetheless, KJ is a highly regarded Corner and should help the fans forget the disappointing Dunta Robinson.

21. Cincinnati: Jermaine Gresham TE (my pick - Brandon Graham) – This was expected by most so not a surprise.  If he's as good as advertised then the Bengals have built a great passing offense (and put to bed the Owens rumors).

22. Denver (from New England): Demarious Thomas WR (my pick - Rolando McClain... at 11) – In my first mock I had Denver taking Dez Bryant so at least I was in tune with their needs... (just let me have this).  This is a clear statement as to the kind of team Josh McDaniels is trying to build.  Thomas is a good kid without baggage, a high character guy.  Hopefully he can play.

23. Green Bay: Bryan Bulaga T (my pick - Maurkice Pouncy) – I got the O-Line part right.  However, I hope he was drafted as a RT because I seriously doubt his ability to play LT in the NFL.  If so, great pick at a position of serious need.

24. Dallas: (from New England) Dez Bryant WR (my pick - Bruce Campbell... at 27) – If this kid stays focused on football he can be a superstar.  Austin, Witten and now Bryant - could be deadly.  Great pick.

25. Denver (from Baltimore): Tim Tebow QB – I don't understand this pick.  They have Kyle Orton and just traded for Brady Quinn, who played in a Josh McDaniels style offense at ND.  What are they going to do with Tebow?  He's not starting this season and may in fact need 2 full seasons as an apprentice before he's ready to play full time.  Unless Denver starts winning now, Tebow will have a new coach in 3 years so this is just strange to me.

26. Arizona: Dan Williams DT (my pick - Brandon Spikes) – Great pick and amazing value getting this beast at 26 when he was predicted to go top 15. Darnell Docket and Dan Williams could be the best 4-3 front in football as early as next season.

27. New England (from Dallas): Devin McCourty DB (my pick - Jermaine Gresham... at 22) – very physical and extremely fast, this pick will make an immediate impact on special teams and nickle packages.  He'll need to develop better cover skills though.

28. Miami (from San Diego): Jared Odrick DE (my pick - Sean Weatherspoon... at12) – read my article on this pick for a detailed analysis.  Miami looks at Safety or OLB in round 2. 

29. New York Jets: Kyle Wilson CB (my pick - Jared Odrick) – Jets fans boo'd this pick but the'll cheer him later.  Will anybody be able to pass on this team?  Great value to snag tis kid at 29. 

30. Detroit (from Minnesota): Jahvid Best RB – Again, I don't hate the pick but the trade is curious.  Indy and New Orleans were not drafting RB and I highly doubt the Rams were either so why lose a 4th and 7th for a needless 4 spot jump?

31. Indianapolis: Jerry Hughes DE/OLB (my pick - Kareem Jackson) – Interesting pick.  I didn't think this was an area of need for the Colts are a team that sticks to its board.  Tough to argue with these guys.

32. New Orleans: Patrick Robinson CB (my pick - Everson Griffen) – Definitely an area of need but so was pass rush and Kindle is still on the board.  Either way, not a sexy pick but if he pans out then Robinson will be a good contributer.

How much further does Kindle and Clausen drop?  If the second and third rounds are half as exciting as the first was then we're in for some intriguing tv tonight.

Seattle and San Fransisco are the clear winners so far.  Buffallo is the big loser - though not surprising.