Henrik Lundqvist's Knee Keeping Him Out of Worlds

New York Hockey DailyContributor IApril 23, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 11:  Henrik Lundqvist #30 of the New York Rangers defends against the Philadelphia Flyers on April 11, 2010 at Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A Swedish sports website called Sport Bladet is reporting that Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist is not participating in the IIHF World Cup, which starts next week, due to a knee injury that he has been rehabbing since his season came to an end.

“The knee is not better, so I have to say no,” Lundqvist said in a translated quote. “It is both physically and mentally tough to play the World Cup when you are not 100 percent.”

This is good news for the Rangers that Lundqvist has decided to sit out the Worlds. After playing 72 games during the regular season plus the Olympics it probably wouldn’t be good for the team for Lundqvist to extend his season even further.

However, it is bad news that Lundqvist is dealing with a knee injury that can be so debilitating for goalies. It is also somewhat discomforting that we don’t know how serious this injury is.

Because this is not coming from the Rangers, but a Swedish sports site we don’t know if it is something that just needs rest. If he just needs to stay off it that’s fine, because he’s got at least four months before he needs to start himself back up for next season.

If it’s something worse and he’s going to need surgery, hopefully he gets it out of the way as quickly as possible. With about four months left until camp starts back up at the end of the summer that might be enough time for him to recover.

But as with all knee injuries when it comes to goaltenders, it could take even longer for him to get to 100 percent.

The fact that we have not heard from the Rangers though is somewhat comforting. Without Lundqvist, this team is not going anywhere, so you would have to think that they would take extra care of him.

Be sure to check back here for any updates that we might get.


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