Breakers vs. Independence: Game-Day Atmosphere

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Breakers vs. Independence: Game-Day Atmosphere
Sunday afternoon brought drizzle, chilly temperatures and lots and lots of mud to Greater Boston. But it also brought nearly 5300 fans to Harvard Stadium, and they created a great game-day atmosphere for the Breakers' home opener. Here are a few scenes:
Hearty fans tailgated at the far end of the stadium parking lot about an hour before game time. There were some serious tailgating spreads going.
Despite a parking lot full of cars, there was plenty of room for a kickabout before the game.
Girls' soccer teams from all over New England came out to see the Breakers' home opener.
Activities for kids (including some sort of trampoline artists) abounded outside the stadium before kickoff.
Finally, it was kickoff time. Breakers fans cheered their team with passion and enthusiasm. Hopefully they'll all come back on May 1 and bring some friends with them.

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