Nascar: Multiple Green-White-Checkered, Is It fair?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IApril 21, 2010

Racing, as I know it, is a series of good long runs , is also working to keep your car up front and taking care of your equipment so that hopefully in the end you get rewarded with a win, a top five or at least a top ten..
That was the past.
Here comes NASCAR with their multiple green-white-checkered finishes, a rule that at times will reward a driver who has been running in P-15 to P-30 with a chance to win or gain multiple spots, all in just a few laps.
I may be off base here but running in the back forty sucking up everyone’s exhaust during 99 % of the race should not be rewarded with an opportunity, up to three times, no less, to get up to the front. That is not racing.
Let's call it what it is: A ROAD SHOW AT A COUNTY FAIR !
This makes no sense, the teams that have done the best job during the zillion miles of the race get rewarded by a good kick in the butt by this rule.
Can we all agree on that?
I do understand the multiple green-white-checkered scenario might only play in about a third of the races, but it will have a huge impact on the chase.
Just look at what Dale Earnhardt Jr. did at Daytona, he was in P-17 before the multiple green-white,-checkered got him to P-2 with a chance to win it.
We can all agree the races could become just a shootout, a last minute dash for cash, a sprint to the finish if you will.
Some folks will argue that it is a dash, a sprint to the checkered flag, there is some truth in that, but the sprint should be a reward for the teams running "the good race".
There will be many winners this year who will not be deserving a P-1 finish.
The Phoenix race should’ve been won by the team who had the best overall race , No. 24, No. 18 and No.42 among others were the best cars in the field.
This new rules forces a team running in P-1 to have to win the race up to three times !
There is no reward for running a good race with this rule, so far two guys got royally punked by NASCAR, Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch.
I know NASCAR is thinking about the fans and that’s good , but sometimes they have to make decisions based in good sound thinking and not just looking at the latest polls as politicians often do.
This rule is terrible!
The old one was fine!
If the sport is going to become a series of last minute sprints, why not just pick the top 25 qualifying cars on Friday and have a sprint for cash race on Sunday.
Maybe have a five round green-white-checkered start with wrecking optional.
Hey! it would save teams tons on money, imagine all the fuel they’ll save by not having to run that 400 lap warm up.
Believe me! If this continuous the race will become a warm up for the dash for cash.
This rule has to go. Just saying!
Again, this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.                                                                                               
Enough said.