Divas and Knockouts: New Month, New Champions

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 21, 2010

Hi all! Forgive me for not writing sooner, but my mother has been having some medical issues that have kept me from pouring energy into writing. Now, on to the good stuff!

First in Diva Land, recently on Monday Night RAW, Eve defeated Maryse and became the new Divas Champion. Here's my immediate response to that: huh?

While I commend Eve for growing as a wrestler, that can only go so far. She truly has grown by leaps and bounds in the ring, and was making good headway on Smackdown before getting drafted. But, she's wrestled very little in that time. More so, even as champion she's not the top face on RAW.

Kelly Kelly is the only face of all the current girls that gets any type of reaction. I'm surprised that, especially with Maryse as the champion, she was not given a push, as the pretty pink Butterfly title is seemingly made for a Diva like her.

I'm not saying that Eve doesn't deserve the title or that she is incapable of having a good run. I'm just saying I'm completely confused in the move. Perhaps she can hold onto it until Melina comes back, or she could take the title to Smackdown in the draft. I'd like to think that other Divas—Jillian, Katie Lea, Alicia Fox—will get pushed as strong heels against a new champion.

Over in TNA, the cluster mess that is the TNA Knockouts Division is disappointing at best.

Tara lost her Knockouts Champion simply because of not having the luck of the draw, as Angelina Love became champion because her box had the title in it. This weekend, Angelina lost the title to Madison Rayne and wasn't even pinned. While this led to a long awaited heel turn for Tara, it has made the Knockouts title thoroughly worthless. Even when Velvet Sky had the opportunity to stack the deck against Angelina and become champion herself that didn't happen.

I don't know what TNA is doing. It seems like they watch the WWE and find ways to make their division worse. I can't figure out who's the top face for me to cheer for, or who's really the top heel.

The division itself is going in so many places that it's hard to be interested. I am glad that Tara is making a bit of a psycho heel turn, as I loved that when she was in the WWE, and its a role she plays very well.

So, like the WWE, there's places of interest and intrigue, but the muddled and clouded minds of those in charge of each division are only bringing to the plate what all of us would rather send back.