Week 12 College FB Preview: A Warning for West Virginia

Kevin BrownAnalyst INovember 16, 2007

Could this season be any stranger?

With Oregon becoming the latest No. 2 team to lose, we now know that no Pac-10 team will play in the BCS Championship Game.

And that's about all we know.

LSU and the Big 12's Big Three all face tough tests en route to New Orleans—and come January we may well be looking at West Virginia vs. Kansas for all the marbles.

Let that marinate as I run down my picks for the weekend.


IconOhio State at Michigan

After Michigan lost to Appalachian State, I predicted that the Wolverines would end up winning the Big Ten.

Talk about a fitting coda to the wild 2007 season.

I never doubted Ohio State would lose a game—I just didn't see the Zooker being the one to deliver the blow.

I'm going to stick with my prediction—Michigan loses to a D-IAA school but still wins the conference.

My Pick: Michigan


Oklahoma at Texas Tech

Texas Tech nearly pulled the upset last weekend, but there was something about ham and eggs and a chicken that stood in their way.

Part of me wants to say those problems will be solved this week, and that Oklahoma will fall before eventually winning the Big 12 with two losses...but I don't think it'll actually happen.

I mean, it can't, right?

My Pick: Oklahoma


Missouri at Kansas State

This has trap game written all over it.

Kansas State just gave up 73 points to Nebraska, and Missouri faces a huge Big 12 North showdown with Kansas next week.

Will the Tigers get caught looking ahead? Have they learned a lesson from all the other fallen teams this season?

My gut says no to the first question and yes to the second. Look for Missouri to continue rolling in the top-heavy Big 12.

My Pick: Missouri


West Virginia at Cincinnati

Yet another game with the favorite playing away from home.

Can anyone accurately forecast the Big East? Just a few weeks ago, South Florida was the dominant team. Next thing you knew UConn was in the lead. Now the conference is West Virginia's to lose again, as they make a very dangerous trip to Cincinnati.

This is my upset pick of the week.

My Pick: Cincinnati


Kentucky at Georgia

What gimmick will Mark Richt employ this week?

It better be good, as this Kentucky team can throw the ball all over the field.

Georgia is on a roll, but not many teams have been able to stay hot for long this season. Still, I see Georgia breaking a lot of hearts in Florida by eliminating the Gators from the SEC race.

My Pick: Georgia


Boston College at Clemson: Clemson

Northwestern at Illinois: Northwestern

Vanderbilt at Tennessee: Tennessee

Maryland at Florida State: Florida State

Duke at Notre Dame: Notre Dame