Arsenal FC Squad Preview for Next Season. Summer Transfers! CB and GK

John SmithCorrespondent IApril 21, 2010

WIGAN, ENGLAND - APRIL 18:  Samir Nasri of Arsenal looks dejected during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Arsenal at the DW Stadium on April 18, 2010 in Wigan, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
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In the wake of Inter´s fantastically organized performance against the boys from Barcelona that beat our bums bare there isn´t much in the world of Arsenal related news today.

Most of the bloggers that I´ve read are doing puff pieces about how Wenger should be burned at the stake or talking about summer transfers or next years potential starting 11.

Hmmm... Next years potential starting 11. That´s not a bad one actually. Ya, let´s go for that.

First we´ll look at two areas which probably need strengthening.


I tweeted yesterday what position people would like Arsene Wenger and his mangy mangle of maniacal manscouts to strengthen during the summer. Most replied GK, Goalie, Portero, or something along those lines. Goalie was the Amurrican folk.

It´s clear that Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone aren´t up to scratch, and apart from the Almunia v. Barcelona, and Mannone v. Fulham I can´t remember thinking that any of these goalkeepers is any good at all. I would have been happy to stick with Mannone, and I have blogopined this in the past, because at least the Don is going to improve (hopefully), Almunia in particular is as good as he is going to get and Fabianski has a tendancy to be thrown in at the deep end in big matches (Porto, Chelsea, etc.) and he tends to [sic] the dog. So I would have stuck with the Don.

However, I was also thinking that we weren´t going to come close to silverware AT ALL this season.

So we are looking at bringing someone in, or giving young Chesnut (Szcesney) a run out despite only being a boy. I´m not opposed to either idea. Probably a signing would be the safe bet but if this kid is as good as people say he is, then stick him in there and lets see if he can become Casillas No. 2.

If we are going to sign someone I have heard people throw around Akinveev (although this is mainly LadyArse just doing it repeatedly), but I think his acquisition is about as likely as me contracted the plague in the plastic bubble I live in. Then I´ve heard Frey bandied around, but this is just typical hack journalism. He´s staying in Fiorentina. He´s not even that good. Get over it.

Finally I discovered/heard/invented that Eduardo and/ or Traore might be shipped off to Lyon in exchange for Huge Lloris.

I mean this isn´t going to happen either cause it´s just complete Championship Manager trash, and Lyon are the most miserly club going, so the transfer fee would be absolutely criminal for this admittedly brilliant prospect.  



I think even more important than a new keeper is a new CB. Mainly because Gallas is going to leave, Silvestre is going to leave, Djourou is doomed, and Senderos is off as well. Therefore we are left with the prospect of starting Vermaelen and Sol Campbell IF he resigns.

That is just never going to happen. Sol can barely play 1 match a week, and there is no guarantee he´s going to stay on at the club although perhaps you read my day 222 blog and you´ll know my opinion about the Great Badass Campbell. I hope the man signs for 3 years, I think he is that important to the squad.

Anyway, Song can also play CB, but I think we´ve all seen where his future at Arsenal lies, he´s going to occupy that DCM spot as long as his little crappy legs can carry him.

Djourou has all the physical aspects to be a fantastic defender, he´s quick, strong, tall, however, he´s missing that little bit of meanness needed to be a real top class central defender.

We probably need to bring in someone again. However, I odn´t want to see another Gallas, Toure, or even Vermaelen. We need a bit tall, strong, beastly, slow, shitty footballing, row-Z shit kicker.

Basically a 25 year old Sol Campbell. Someone who is going to dominate aerially and read the game, and tell Verm where to go or recover for him. I´m tired of getting beaten on set-pieces, I´m tired of re-swallowing my heart every time a high ball comes into the box.

Who can we sign is another thing. I would love Sakho from PSG, but he´s left footed and Wenger seems to think that this is a problem. Also like Vermaelen, nobody is sure if he is a LB or a CB (although we´ve obviously seen the light with the Belgian).

Kyle Bartley is probably a bit fresh to be promoted to first team action, and Nordveit isn´t the prodigy we all thought he was going to be. Gavin Hoyte is shit - just like his brother. So we don´t have the option of promoting someone from the youth team.

I would take an Italian defender, or Bruno Alves from Porto, or Naldo from Werder Bremen, or Badstubber from Bayern Munich, but let´s be honest none of these players are going to move to rainy London. What about Cahill from Bolton, would he make the trip south? He´s a solid player he is.


Anyway, I´ve love to hear your thoughts.


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