MLB: Sometimes We Need To Realize It's Just a Game

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

On Tuesday night, one of the most memorable sporting events of our lifetime took place.

The great, historic, Yankee stadium saw its last All-Star Game ever. And what a game it was. It was an amazing event. Moments like that are what make sports so great! Moments like that make people proud to be sports fans.

Earlier Tuesday was a different story, though.

During what was to be a memorable moment for both fans and players who were celebrating this historic All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, Jonathan Papelbon's wife was threatened, according to Papelbon.

"I feel like I needed to be in a bullet-proof car," Papelbon said, according to "My wife is pregnant, and she's getting her life threatened. It's stupid."

Of course, this all stemmed from a media firestorm. Papelbon mentioned prior to the game that he would, more or less, like to close the All-Star Game.

This was unimaginable to the New York media, considering the All-Star Game was to be at Yankee Stadium, and is home to arguably the greatest closer of all times, and current Yankee, Mariano Rivera.

Of course, Papelbon went on to say that he understood Rivera was the closer and that he had no problem with it. Papelbon then went on to compliment Rivera.

But, of course, the media put that on the back burner. And it lead to a threat to a pregnant woman who had nothing to do with the situation.

Heck, even if Papelbon called Rivera a second-rate closer compared to himself, it is still utterly unacceptable to threaten someone's life over a game. Yes, that's right, sports are a game.

Baseball, though a great American pastime, is just an athletic contest. There are bigger things happening in the world.

Just ask the people who had to drive to Yankee Stadium and spend over $4.00 per gallon on gas.

"Your family gets involved like that and you're trying to enjoy an experience with your family, and you have a wife who's pregnant, who doesn't feel safe riding in a red-carpet event, you know what I mean? How would you feel?" Papelbon said to

Pathetic is the only way to answer this.

It's not just New York fans, though they, more than most, can be harsh and cruel to outsiders. But in general, fans take this game sometimes to a level that is truly disgusting.

On a night when a great All-Star Game will be remembered, first-and-foremost, there should be a touch of sadness to all that something like this had to happen on such a memorable evening.

The Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is great, but from my experience, the best rivalries are the ones between the players. And there was no problem with Rivera and Papelbon here.

Just with a stupid person who took his fandom way too far in the midst of a night that should have been filled with happiness.

Poor Pap.