Appropriate Ring Attire For The Modern Day Wrestler: Part 1.5

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Appropriate Ring Attire For The Modern Day Wrestler: Part 1.5
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This is my part sequel to Part 1 of this series. The first part really didn't explain what I wanted to talk about so this expands on that.

As we see above DX are wearing different lower body attire. What does that mean? Let's look.

There are 5 Types of Wrestling Lower Body Attire:
1. Underwea
r- Perhaps the most common attire in all of sports entertainment, underwear has been worn by everyone from Hulk Hogan to Chris Jericho to John Cena to HHH and etc. It is often worn by those who wish to emphasize their manliness. What does that mean? Look at Chris Jericho now with the briefs. He looks way bulkier with them than when he wore tights. Look at The Miz who started to be taken seriously when he started wearing his briefs even though he still annoyed me to hell. Look at Triple H with his underwear following his transition from Degenerate to The Game. John Cena even wore boxers in his first Smackdown match against Kurt Angle. So if you want to show how manly you are and how powerful you are then you should wear Underwear.

2. Tights- Tights suggest a more agile/ technical style. When Hulk Hogan started to wear tights he started getting smaller compared to his 80's version. Most cruiserweights wear tights. Undertaker now wears tights after wearing pants and he has looked even more agile than he used to. Tights are also usually worn by wrestlers whose heel/face turns usually come about psychologically rather than pyshically, eg a change in personality. So if you want to look fast and mobile then wear tights.

3. Pants- Pants is a popular unorthodox clothing piece. Who wears them? Undertaker in his Badass, Big Evil persona, The Hardy's, Dudley Boys, HBK. All wrestlers with larger than life gimmicks, outlandish ones. So pants can make you look really cool since you look different to other wrestlers when wearing them.

4. Shorts- SHorts is similar to pants but a bit lamer since most sportspersons wear shorts.

5. Kurt Angle Stuff- Very similar to underwear especially when Angle takes his straps down. 

So these are the different types of lower body attire. I used to like pants but now i prefer underwear but really i won't go wear just my underwear in public. 

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