Appropriate Use Of Weapons For The Modern Day Wrestling Match

The Comedian SteVen StrangeloveContributor IApril 19, 2010

Hello People!!!

This is my fourth Article and my first fully serious one. 

Now we all know that the origins of professional wrestling come from Greco-Roman times with the Ancient Greeks grappling in games that were also the origins of the Olympics. Fast Forward to the 1980's and we see that professional wrestling has become a 'business'' and that in this business two promotions stood out: WCW and WWF. (Maybe?).

Weapons were a way for other smaller, more independent wrestling promotions to  counter the Big Two's popularity. Using many different foreign objects to punish each other the most famous promotion to start using no-DQ matches as the norm was Extreme Championship Wrestling. 

Now we all know how violent ECW was so I am not going to talk about that. I am here to talk about the significance of foreign objects in our modern day wrestling society. 

Now who likes other guys hitting each other with weapons? Steel chairs, kendo sticks, garbage cans, tables, ladders, medals, etc., everyone likes seeing a wrestler hit with a weapon. But why? Why have we evolved from enjoying nice, clean mat wrestling which shows impressive grappling skills to craving and NEEDING to see people get hit by a weapon and then bleeding all over the ring?

It's simple. Mankind is brutal, constantly evolving and wanting different things. We may want peace but we also want to stockpile a lot of WMD's and making sure that others don't have them. Look at Demolition Derby's and The Coliseum in Ancient Rome and we see that people have always wanted to see other people fight against the odds and get killed or seriously injured or hopefully still ok. 

Big Corporations know this. That's why they book people to get inside hellish structures (Hell in a cell, etc.) and have them destroy each other with weapons to punish each other. They know that people would be bored if they saw two wrestlers taking part in risk-free wrestling with no high spots. So they need to appeal to the people.

John Cena used to be loved by everyone (almost). Now he's hated by half of wrestling fans. We thirst for blood and then the next day we say that unprotected chair shots are wrong.

SO the problem is us. We, the IWC should stop being such fickle people and start agreeing on one thing. It's one small step from edgy storylines to blood.