It's Not Easy to Be a Pro Wrestling Fan

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIApril 18, 2010

It not easy being a wrestling fan.

Let's face it; how many times have you had to explain that wrestling is not fake. How many time did someone gave you the look of "Oh, he watches wrestling; he must think it's real." 

How many times have we sat through a bad episode of Raw and felt embarrassed to even be a fan or to be embarrassed every week by watching the clusterf*** known as TNA?

For guys who have wives and girlfriends, it can be hard to watch any wrestling promotion when a Knockout/Diva come out with those sexy clothes on.

Then your girl gives you the look and goes hmmmmmmmmm. Only one thing is worst then that is them laughing over a shameful wrestling segment like Little People's Court.

We all knew the punishment we would get from non-wrestling fans. It part of that culture that is pro-wrestling.

There will always be haters of wrestling and there will be some...well a lot of bad wrestling segments that will make us wonder why we are fans.

Over the years I've come up with compelling counter-arguments and ways to keep the haters silent. If one of my friends starts shoving BS down my throat about how wrestling is fake, then I would go into full attack mode. My explanation is something like this:

"If wrestling is fake then why do wrestlers get sideline with serous injuries? Explain how Sid Vicious landing awkwardly on his leg causing it to violently snap in half is fake?

"What of that Smackdown taping in 1999 that left Droz with two fractured discs in his neck that rendered him paralyzed for life; is that also fake?

"All the chair shots to the head and all the deaths in pro-wrestling are fake as well?  All the above mention I assure you are not fake as it is all 100% real!”

It would go something like that.

Embarrassing or very boring storylines makes it hard to be a wrestling fan at times. Some can even make some of us shake our heads in shame and wonder why the hell are we even fans in the first place.

We all must remember the Katie Vick incident where Triple H dressed as Kane and committed an act of thanatophilia.

How about the Muhammad Hassan and Daivari Terrorist Angle where Undertaker was attacked by terrorists in ski masks and it happened during a Smackdown taping. 

Even one raw can be horrible and the Denver Debacle is evidence of that. There also have been some very awful feuds. Chavo Guerrero facing Hornswoggle with the end results always ended with Guerrero losing and that was a very sad sight to behold too.

There have been countless segments that should never have happened. The Little People's Court was lame on all levels and was just pathetic. John Cena writing "poopy" on JBL’s Limo was lame even to a 10-year-old.

There have sadly been many tasteless segments too as the Sandman's crucifiction insaulted even the most jaded and hardcore ECW fan.

So you see it’s not easy to be a Wrestling fan as many of you already know. We are resilient fans and can endure many tasteless, stupid storylines and feuds. We can endure the many tragedies in pro-wrestling.

At the end of the day many of us are fans as we saw the best of wrestling and know that amid all the silly storylines and feuds. Amid all the tragedies and deaths are classic matches and moments.

We seen the best of what wrestling can and will continue to give us and that is good memories that we shall always carry with us for many years to come.

It will never be easy to be a wrestling fan, but at the end of the day I am proud to be a fan of pro-wrestling and many others are, too.