Brett Favre and The Media's Double Standard

Ralph isaacAnalyst IJuly 15, 2008

How come nobody is criticizing Brett Favre for the position he has put the Packers in? A franchise who stood by him no matter how terrible he was on the field. Two years ago, based on numbers only, he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

When most franchises would have released a seemingly washed-up 36 year-old quarterback, the Packers stood by him. Fact is, I've never seen a franchise stick with an old quarterback that long while paying him top dollar.

Yet how does Brett Favre repay them? He dubiously announced his retirement, which I thought was an "f*** you" to the Packers a day after Randy Moss resigned with the Patriots. It is wildly known that Brett Favre tried to get Randy to come to the Packs the previous year and thought that they could have gotten him for "less money".

At that moment, I thought, "what an hypocrite!" How can a guy who makes over $10 million a year try to sucker a guy as good as Randy to sign for less money? Yet nobody called him out on it.

Same thing when Javon Walker was trying get a new contract: Brett criticized him. Again, nobody called him out on his hypocrisy.

And for the past three years Brett Favre has put the Packers into this waiting game where they don't know wether he will retire or report for training camp. Not to mention he had already called McCarthy about a comeback in March, but retracted it right before the draft.

So nobody can blame the Packers who decided enough was enough and designated Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. Now, right before training camp, he selfishly decides that he's ready to comeback again.

Nobody has gotten on him for being a diva. Nobody has noted that this might in fact doomed the Packers'season since training camp is crucial to starting quarterbacks.

So now you have a divided locker room with one side for Aaron Rodgers and another hoping for Brett Favre to come back. You think the latter half will whole-heartedly follow Rodgers whom they already have doubt about?

Should the Packers have a losing record after the first three games, I guarantee this season will be a disaster. Yet nobody is criticizing him.

Where are the people who got on Chad Johnson? on Terrel Owens? on Jeremy Shockey? Where are they? you don't hear a word from them. That's what you call the Hypocrisy of the Media.

This is why I not only agree with Jean-Jackques Taylor's column saying that Brett Favre is the most overrated "good" quarterback ever, but he's also the biggest diva of them all.