Will Lack Of Discipline at Florida Scare NFL Teams Off

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IApril 17, 2010

The Florida Gators are known for either getting to the National Championship game or winning the National Championship game. Among other things the Gators may have the most polarizing individual in the NFL draft on whether he'll make an impact or not and that is Tim Tebow.

Yet, if you look beyond Tebow and the Gators winning National Champions. You will find that the Gators are a program that lacks any kind of discipline since the arrival of Urban Meyer in 2005.

There has been over 30 arrests of Gator players since he became coach. You know it's sad when Meyer has this message for his team "No stealing, no drugs, no weapons!” I think that says it all about just how much control over the team that Meyer has, which is zero. 

Here's a look at the 30 arrests since Meyer arrived on campus which can be found here and here:

Another example that may not be an arrest but is of a recruit is that of Leon Orr a recruit of the Gators who on his Facebook and Myspace had pictures of himself making gang signs as well as a picture of him holding a gun as well. 

Gary Brown arrested on two charges of misdemeanor battery, Brown supposedly slapped one woman in the face with an open palm and scratched another woman on her arm. 

Carlos Dunlap was arrested for DUI and was ultimately suspended for the SEC championship game. If you have been looking at mock drafts Dunlap is a pretty highly rated prospect who could help a lot of teams. But, with the arrest his draft stock is falling. 

Dustin Doe arrested for driving on a suspended license which wasn't the first time Doe was in trouble for driving with his license suspended. Also previously was charged with a misdemeanor for resisting arrest for his role in a fight. 

Janoris Jenkins arrested and tased for his involvement in a street fight. 

Marquis Hannah felony burglary and misdemeanor battery for entering an apartment and then punching a man in the face. 

Carl Johnson misdemeanor for violating a restraining order of an ex-girlfriend who had accused Johnson of date-raping her three times. 

Riley Cooper resisted an officers order after being told to get away from an oncoming car. 

Cam Newton had felony counts of larceny, burglary, and obstruction of justice. Newton stole a laptop and then threw the computer out a window. 

Jacques Rickerson two charges against him one for possessing marijuana and the other for felony domestic violence by strangulation. 

Torrey Davis another arrest for a Gator driving with a suspended license.

Jamar Hornsby another player who had multiple charges brought up against him one a misdemeanor for criminal mischief and property damage after throwing a man while fighting onto a car and the other charge unauthorized use of a credit card. 

Jermaine Cunningham misdemeanor battery for throwing cups at a clerk at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop. 

Tony Joiner felony theft for breaking into an impound lot to get his girlfriend's car. 

Ronnie Wilson another player with multiple charges against him aggravated assault, battery, and use of display of a concealed weapon during a dispute with another person, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and one count of battery and one count of assault for an altercation at an apartment complex. 

Dorian Munroe felony theft as he removed a police boot from his car and put it in his trunk. 

John Curtis probation violation for failing to do five hours of community service. 

Brandon James felony for purchasing marijuana and also misdemeanor marijuana for possession. 

Avery Atkins misdemeanor domestic battery for an altercation with the mother of his child. 

Louis Murphy misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Jon Demps misdemeanor for driving with a suspended license

Dawayne Grace another one with multiple charges levied against him one for misdemeanor for battery and theft, and disorderly conduct for his involvement in a fight. 

Those are the players under the direction and leadership of Meyer who have been arrested. Really doesn't say much about Meyer and his leadership abilities if he's constantly dealing with players getting themselves into sticky situations. 

Yes, part of the blame does go squarely on the players for getting into that situation. If you look at the discipline by Meyer handed out after the arrests there wasn't much handed out by Meyer. 

The best example of that though is that of Brandon Spikes who's attempted eye gouge got national attention last year. Meyer instead of suspending Spikes for the rest of the season instead suspended Spikes for a half game against Vanderbilt. 

With the public questioning the decision of Meyer, Spikes came up to Meyer and asked for a full game suspension. Even though that punishment was basically nothing! That incident didn't help Spikes' draft stock either because Spikes was considered among the best linebackers in the country. Now, Spikes will be lucky to go in the fourth or fifth round in the draft.

NFL teams are no longer looking at just the athleticism of an individual now either. they are also looking at the character of the individual as well. With the question marks of discipline in the program at Florida it's not surprising that Dunlap's and Spikes' draft stock have fallen. 

Even Tim Tebow who at one time was projected to go in the first round has fallen and there's no question that Tebow has great character. Joe Haden is the only Gator player that's stock hasn't gone down. It's not looking pretty for the Gators if the lack of discipline continues. 

Lastly, if you're going to say that it isn't Meyer's fault and it's the players fault. That is fair because at the end of the day they are responsible for their own actions. Then I would venture to say that Meyer really then needs to go on the road and when recruiting he needs to double and triple check the character of the player he is going after. 

If there's any question marks about the character of that player then he shouldn't even bother making an offer to come to Florida. In the end if arrests continue for Gator players, NFL teams are not going to bother looking at a Gator player because teams invest too much time and money into having a player squander it away by not having any discipline. 



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