Inter Milan vs. FC Barcelona or Ibrahimovic vs. Eto'o: Round Two

Adi-Oula Sebastian@JubeiKibagameCorrespondent IIApril 17, 2010

They say lighting never strikes twice in the same place.

And yet here we go again.

Inter Milan Vs. FC Barcelona . It's like the Gods of football weren't too satisfied with the outcome of the matches they've seen in the group stages. Especially with the performances of their much-lauded warriors Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Samuel Eto'o.

Years of Loyal Service

Before trading places both athletes contributed a lot to the success of the other ones new "owner" (owner of the players rights that is). They brought joy, entertainment and a buck load of silverware to their former employers. 

They were worshipped, idolized, and at times booed. But they always came through when it mattered the most.

Which makes them, quite simply, heros.

A Hero's Welcome

Who once has been a hero can become a villain or even worse a traitor. That is not to suggest that either one has betrayed the cause but worshippers aren't the most forgiving of people. 

Who has once been the idol of the masses is now the enemy. But nonetheless we should pay our tribute to them.

Seeking Glory

At this point in their already impressive history the only thing they seek is glory. They both want the ultimate prize—the UEFA Champions League

Samuel Eto'o could add to his legend by scoring in three Champions League Finals while Zlatan Ibrahimovic could win the prize that has eluded him for so many years.

Twist of Fate

But to achieve glory and to be crowned the King(s) of Europe they have to slay and defeat their former armies. 

Eto'o could prevent the Blaugrana from becoming the first back to back CL Champions since AC Milan and Ibrahimovic could end any dreams for the Nerazzurri to win the Cup after suffering for decades.

Draw First Blood

Now the real question is—Who will draw first blood? Who will put his former comrades into misery? Who will be the one whose name will forever have a bittersweet taste in the mouths of former believers and worshippers?