Will CM Punk Drop Luke Gallows from His Society after Gallows' Latest Loss?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 16, 2010

On NXT Tuesday evening, Darien Young took on Luke Gallows from SES.

Punk confronted Young concerning his decision not to join the SES and get his head scalped like Serena and Luke.

He was all for it until he saw the clippers and heard Punk say that he was his saviour. Punk was on a roll, but Punk's rookie had second thoughts.

When Darren told Punk that he changed his mind and decided not to join his society, Punk was irate. Whatever Punk said to Young apparnetly didn't set too well with him.

The night that Darren had thought that he did want to join SES then backed out at the last minute, he was beaten by all three members of SES.

I think that Mr. Young did the right thing. He felt that he wasn't sure of something and took a step back.

Punk was furious and he was going to shave Darren's head anyways. Punk couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, Darren knocked him down and Darien Young that's when the beating started.

It didn't last long, because Rey Mysterio came out.

Of course, SES scattered. On NXT this week, Darren saw SES in the back and was confronted by his pro. Darren told Punk he was sorry for what happened the week before.

Young even offered to fight Luke Gallows and the condition was this: if Gallows won, Darren would have to get his head shaved and join SES, but if he wins, that would mean Punk would forgive Darren for the week before.

And that's exactly how it went down, as the rookie took Gallows out. Punk emerged into the ring and raised Darren's hand in victory as he stared at Luke with icy cold eyes.

If looks could kill, Gallows would've been dead. Darren Young has proven to his pro that he is what he says he is.

Is there going to be a rift in the SES? Will Gallows be dropped from his SES family? Will he have to face Young again and somehow beat him to redeem himself?

Maybe they will face each other at ER.

Is it possible that Punk knows that Rey may beat him, therefore he wouldn't join his society and is trying to replace him with Darren Young?

That should give everybody something to think about.