TNA Wrestling, This Is Why the WWE Is Smarter Than You

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 16, 2010

People may be wondering what I mean by the title above, which is why you clicked on the article, I'm sure. I want you to keep an open mind here, and understand what I am talking about before going off the deep end and spamming the article. This is a serious subject that TNA needs to learn about, because it could potentially save their business.

In the picture above we saw the start of two instances with "Team Hogan" being attacked by "Team Flair". As you can see, Storm used a break-away beer bottle, (the same what you see in movies being used for stunts), on Rob Van Dam.

RVD is a former ECW original, this man can take some punishment, but obviously the beer bottle didn't hurt too bad. It was just like having a cardboard box filled with blankets fall on you. Nothing too bad.

So to me, the little thing here wasn't that bad. But the following week, it seemed that TNA wanted to kick it up a notch and do two things that were completely stupid.

The first was with "Big" Rob Terry. I am starting to become a Terry fan, the dude is really improving and becoming what I see as a future World Champion...that is if he sticks around and doesn't leave for MMA. He is as tough as they come, but TNA was trying to stick it to the WWE way too much with him.

They had him take a straight chair shot to the head—no hands or even elbows to block—just a straight up head shot.

They wanted to have the shot done by Homicide to where he would think he got one over on the TNA Global Champion. However, the shot didn't work, as Terry wasn't fazed at all by it.

The thing is that TNA knew of the WWE's new policy of no more chair shots. So, they tried to stick it to them by having one of their own take a shot to the head, clean.

But, that is one of the worst things you could ever do. In fact, many backstage feel it is wrong to take a clean shot to the head. When Jessy Neal took a clean shot a while back, he was reprimanded backstage for doing so, because clean shots like that can really do damage, if not at the time, later on.

And that is especially true if you continue to do it. So, being the hypocrites they are, they had Terry take one, which was not needed at all. He could have gone over Homicide just as easy with a back shot that didn't hurt him, or have Terry block the attempted shot by him.

There were many ways to go about it, but it's obviously a shot to the WWE. And you could tell that Homicide put some steam on the shot too, it wasn't pulled back that much.

The WWE did the smart thing by taking head shots out of the WWE. Vinny Mac won't admit the fact that CTE, concussions, and other head issues that affected or can affect his talent are caused, in part, by chair shots to the head. But, he knows full well that chair shots to the head are not good. This is why they were taken out, to protect wrestlers.

Am I saying that TNA should take head shots out? No. I feel if they do them safely, it's fine. But, clean shots? No, that should NEVER happen. Shots like these cause wrestlers to have head issues, which cause some to go the medicine cabinet way too often. In turn, this causes pill addiction.

Today's WWE, while some hardcore fans don't like it as much as the one before, is a safer environment to work in that it was in the '90s.

WWE is smarter than TNA in that they know for a fact that certain things are bad for wrestlers. TNA is only doing these things, even staying in the TV-14 realm, because the WWE isn't doing it.

They want to be such an alternative to WWE's programming, that they add in things that are obviously stupid to do. And some of the things that start out as good ideas totally and epically fail.

Some do succeed, however.

The one thing that TNA seems to be having the most trouble in is their hardcore stuff. The blood is weird too, but that is more focused on the older talent such as Hogan and Flair who are so bad right now in the ring that they must feel they have to have blood to make it more exciting.

I'll tell you what would make it more exciting guys, for you to stay out of the ring totally! Let the younger talent wrestle, you stay on as on-air talent. That's fine with me, but wrestling? Dear God no!

The WWE is smarter in that realm too, because they realize when certain talent can no longer go in the ring, and need to leave. Some even know when it's time to take a break or leave, like Shawn Michaels.

While this man is still so freakin' good at his age it's nuts, he knows that his body is hurting, so he wanted to go. And his family needs him too, so I say good for Michaels.

Guys like The Undertaker also take breaks when needed. However, some would say that he may need to retire within a year or so.

In any case, they don't get the oldest of the old on TV taking up all the spotlight every single week like TNA does. In fact, they've even used two brand new World Champions. One being a rookie in Sheamus, the other in a one-year veteran in Jack Swagger.

They also pushed many more young talents while TNA has to put their older guys in. It's such a shame. Sure, they push a few young guys, but not as much as they should, especially in the main event scene.

However, it still comes back to hardcore wrestling where TNA misses a lot of things. They even did something so stupid, so moronic, so absolutely unneeded in pro wrestling that it made me very angry.

This past week, TNA had James Storm spit a fireball in Jeff Hardy's face. Now, TNA has done the fireball before with Mick Foley. Both Hardy and Foley are hardcore nuts, so they'll do anything for the fan's entertainment.

But, that's the problem.

TNA needs to show better judgment. In fact, I've heard that Hardy was thinking it may be a bad idea before the show, but they went ahead with it anyway. Now, I don't know how much truth their is to it, but if true, TNA should have pulled the plug.

Beth, Jeff's girlfriend, was highly upset about the issue, and confirmed that it was not Hardy's idea for the fireball, but TNA's. So, we now know that it was TNA's decision to do the stupid act.

TNA had both Hardy and Storm work with a stunt coordinator all day before the show, in hopes to do it safely. But what we didn't see was that Storm spit the stuff three times at Hardy, and the third time was the charm, but since there was already stuff on Hardy's face from the two earlier spits, that lit on fire.

It should be noted that TNA blames Storm 100 percent for the issue, this information being provided by

But seriously, this is a fireball. It is not needed in pro-wrestling, it has never and will never again be needed! Especially when FACE PAINT is already on Hardy's face to begin with, then you add the fire to it.

This could have hurt Hardy more than it did, luckily Hardy didn't get injured too badly and won't miss any time. But, he could have been hurt more. And Hardy should be thanking God he only suffered what he did.

The WWE would NEVER do that today like TNA. Reason? They don't have to. They protect talent as much as they can.

If TNA doesn't figure out how to protect their talent, will they have a business left before too long? I mean, seriously.

When this happened with Hardy, it was the last straw for me. TNA, you're complete retards for doing these idiotic things. Now I won't threaten anyone in the company Jim Cornette style, but I will say it will be a while before I write a positive article on you.

Will you finally impress me TNA? It doesn't take too much, people. Instead of doing gimmick crap like this with Hardy, have Vince Russo put out a decent storyline for once this year. It's April, I haven't seen one yet. But hey, I'm just saying.



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