Euroy Smith: College Basketball's Hidden Gem From New York

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIApril 15, 2010

Xavier High School is an excellent Jesuit institution in New York and has been there for quite some time. Xavier trains its students to become "Men for Others." Students walk through the halls everyday and are very respectful to their peers, teachers, and other acquaintances. Walking down the hallway and seeing a 6'3" senior is not usually surprising, but there is an aura that goes along with Senior Euroy Smith. 

Smith is the starting small forward for the Xavier Knights and has always been considered one of the finest players since his freshman year. He won the MVP award this past season and was part of the CHSAA All Division Team. Some say that he is even better than American University's Nick Hendra, a Xavier High School Graduate. 

But what separates him from other players?

Euroy Smith has a passion for the game of basketball. He trains for hours before and after school. Anything that can make him better, he will do if it right for him and right for the game. 

There is an entertaining side to Euroy Smith. During the regular season, he was able to entertain fans with tricks and dunks during warm-ups and even in games. Thunderous dunks became a trademark for Euroy Smith as several teams came into the game knowing that No. 23 of the Xavier Knights was the one not to be messed around with. 

No. 23 is a clutch player to say the least. He sets his teammates up and is able to pull off the right plays at the right times when the team is in need. Xavier became familiar with winning games with four-point plays.

During a Coaches vs. Cancer tournament game, Smith was able to include a four-point play of his own. Without his clutch performance, Xavier might have been defeated, but Euroy Smith would not let that happen.

Nothing can get Euroy Smith down or have him lose his focus on winning. There was quite a lot of criticism about how the Xavier Knight would not be able to defeat New York's 2008-2009 No. 1 team, Iona Prep. The Knights finished fourth in their division and Iona on top of their own. But Euroy Smith led the Knights with double digit points to victory and a semi-final berth. Smith proved himself as a leader. 

Nobody knows for certain what is in store for Smith as he moves onto college next year. He has been getting offers from several Division-I schools, but Smith is hoping that the school of his dreams will eventually come calling.

He is a talented athlete and has scholarships from Senior Games and the Most Rocking Shot Competition presented by Shamrock Farms and hosted by ESPN's Jay Bilas . In the competition, Euroy Smith did a 360 degree windmill dunk with a pump in between the legs in front of several hundred fans. The crowd went crazy and Smith was awarded $10,000.

Smith looks back at his years at Xavier saying, "My experiences on and off the court at Xavier were amazing and are times I will never forget. Basketball-wise, my teammates are like my brothers. We continually pulled for each other and helped each other out. We had our own unwritten policy 'no player left behind.' I will never forget them after I graduate. School has been great with my four years at Xavier."

Euroy Smith might not be the next Michael Jordan, but he is the player that several school should take one look at one look at before the official signing day. One look might be all that a school may need that this kid could be something big.