Eight Coin Flips --- The Packers 2010 Draft Room, The Way I See It

Dean SomervilleCorrespondent IApril 13, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10:  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers scrambles with the ball during the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals at the Universtity of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.  The Cardinals defeated the Packers  51-45 in overtime.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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While much deliberation has gone on amongst the Packer faithful this and every off-season, I am about to suggest the draft room strategy we haven’t seen on camera.  Coin flipping 101, here might be Ted’s flips.

In the first round, and the position for transition of most importance to the long term health of the Packers organization (read, health of Aaron Rodgers, no more running for his life) the first Packer pick at No. 23 needs to be an Offensive Tackle to step in for Chad Clifton when and if that inevitable end appears.

At this time might I present the two coin flip choices.  It is always best to take the best available, so I will not slide Okung,  Bulaga, Williams or Campbell  into the mix as they are gone from my imaginary draft board.  I think Thompson and company will have a choice between:

From USC, home of last season’s most outstanding pick Clay Matthews, teammate Charles Brown.  A five year college player, converted TE.  At 6’5” and 303 pounds, a smooth and athletic pass blocker with excellent arm length and very sound fundamentals.

He maintains knee bend for leverage and has a great slide step in space.  Perhaps needs to go with Pickett for NFL eating habits coaching for adding bulk, but a long term answer at LT who will be ready when Clifton is ready to step aside.

On the other side of the coin, from Rutgers, the mauler, Anthony Davis.  At 6’6” and 325 pounds, strong enough to dominate anyone he gets hands on. Davis is only a Junior and has shown to be a tad immature in workout habits. 

Huge upside potential but needs work on speed and finesse.  Worst-case scenario is a slide to the RT spot for a career of domination.  Maybe needs to go to the Al Harris school of hard work to develop dedication and quickness, but will be a dominant force when groomed.

Coin flip please...really no matter, solves the biggest need and I would be happy with either, but I hope the sticky side on the bottom of the coin is Rutgers red and we see a return to USC for our first rounder. 

Aaron Rodgers for protection and Clay Matthews for a teammate would be delighted.  Let’s allow the draft room guys to get some sleep and adjust the coin stack for Friday, as that was a really gruelling Thursday.

Friday, and there has been some serious checking of stats...jeeze Louise, our return game was damn near the worst in the league!  Our secondary was torched when the injuries started happening.  Better find that coin for the next biggest need. 

We fooled them last year with a big early surprise, it worked well.  Seems lots of second rounders are a surprise until they perform.  Who is in that category this year?

On the “heads side”  we have small college darkhorse candidate...you go up and say his name Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from where?  IUP...but this guy was born for Sundays.

You say scary 4.3 speed, and really great lateral movement and jumping ability.  6’1” and 205 pounds with no real coaching so far?  He averaged 30 yards per KO return, 13 on punts and took 4 of each to the house. 

Wow, that would sure fix the return game, and you say he just reminds you of Woodson.  Better get him Childress got that Harvin guy last year.

Who’s on the tails side?  Perrish Cox from Oklahoma State.  Another 6’ 200 pound corner who has seen a bunch of great receivers in the pass happy Big 12.  Another great returner, and you say just a bit of attitude? 

Loves to just whack receivers at the line, and has done all the prep work on his own.  Harris can teach him about living on an island and getting on by hard work.  Hell, if he had a bit better coaching this guy should have been a top 20 pick.

Get that coin out, we are moving way up in the return stats this year, and will have a CB with great speed and size...once you coaches polish him up some. 

Which one is it...I am hoping the AOA lands here with a stretch pick and leaves the Vikings coverage DOA.  Either way, instant return help and future help in a big CB package.

Picking late again on Friday night.  Really glad we’re not Chicago who finally had their first pick in this draft, or Detroit who are long since done for the day.

What did you guys think, Vikings have nobody behind the fumbling guy?  Maybe we better limit their options at RB.

Where’s that third-round coin?  WTF, I thought this USC coin was still the first rounder and now you guys have Joe McKnight on the third-rounder?  Yep, he is used to platooning you say.  5’11 and 200 pounds, 4.4 and can take it to the house. 

Really soft hands...he didn’t steal that car did he, no just the NCAA doesn’t think USC should win ALL the time.  What about that Bush guy? 

No, Joe’s a lot stronger, runs hard inside as well as breaking it out.  Really good hands out of the backfield.  OK that works on the coin, and he can be the punishing kick returner too.

Who’s on the other side of that coin?  Another West Coast guy, Stanford’s Toby Gerhart.  What the heck were all you scouts doing on the west coast all year?  He was second in the Heisman, you just watched him on TV...really?  6’ 230 pounds and made the endzone 28 times, that kind of finish is unheard of. 

Can block and managed over 7 yard average as well as averaging a catch per game out of the backfield.  Really you are kidding me that this white kid is fast enough to be a RB in the NFL.  We already have three fullbacks you remember. 

Well, OK, I guess we get a California kid for the backfield...at least Rodgers probably can let them know what it will take to play in the cold.  Coin flip...thunder or lightning?

Two late nights, then early in the morning. Better get the stack set up for morning...it is early you all remember, and it is way past my bedtime.

What are you guys all arguing about this morning?  We forgot you didn’t sign every FA from last year like usual and Kampman isn’t here any more.  You guys want a pass rusher? 

I thought that Jones kid put on enough weight to really make our seventh-round pick last year look great.  And you guys say we have no depth at Safety?  Well we do have five picks today.

You guys have a coin with two heads?  Two Safeties that are just about mirror image?  Both Big 12 North cold weather big safeties, can go run or pass and are really coachable for nickel and dime packages.  Perfect, bring this two headed coin for the fourth round.

Larry Asante 6 foot 212 pounds, 4.6 speed out of Nebraska vs 5’11 204 pound, 4.5 Darrell Stuckey out of Kansas.  Both had over 15 tackles and plenty of pass breakups over their last two years.

Hell with these guys to pick from it could really free up Collins to go ballhawking.  Funny this two headed coin...but here’s your depth at Safety, and another cover guy for the special teams.

Now I hear you guys really crying about Kampman being gone...well, give me the coins, let’s put five pass rushers on them for the fifth round...only have to hit 50 percent to have a winner. 

Do these guys all cover kicks too, just like the CB and Safeties?  Great, we can never have too many special teamers. Got one extra one on the list in case one of these guys goes earlier.

So who is on these two coins? 

Thaddeus Gibson from Ohio State.  Really at 6’2 and 245 pounds he ran 4.5!  13 TFL and 6 sacks with more strength than any of the top guys we missed, 35 reps on the bench.  Sure would have liked to see him play his Senior Year, reminds me of that Hughes guy from TCU.

You guys found another small school guy, where is Troy?   Not USC Troy, the Sun Belt Troy guy name of Cameron Sheffield.  6’2” 257 pounds with 4.6 speed.  12 sacks 26 TFL and 150+ tackles in his last 2 years in school.   Gonna need some coaching in coverage, but has enough talent to be a real force rushing the QB.

And another Big 12 guy?  From Texas Tech.  Brandon Sharp 6’2” 254 pounds with how much speed?  Just call it plenty.  29.5 TFL and 25.5 sacks in just 24 games as a starter in two years? 

Lived in the backfield?  Probably better in coverage than Kindle form that other Texas school.  Boy, that could be another steal.

And another small school guy Aurther Moats from James Madisson.  Only 6’0 but 245 pounds and 4.5 speed.   39 TFL and 22.5 sacks in his last 2 years..... but gimme a break, that’s Div II.  7 ints in two years?   Played DE and LB and 5 games at Safety as a Soph, man that is some versatility.  Special teams freak, blocked how many kicks.... four in 3 years.  Great special teams even if he is too short.

And now you want to just stay here in Wisconsin?  O’Brien Schofield....but what’s his first name?  Another 6’2” guy but only 240 pounds.  Did you really say he had 44 TFL and 20 sacks in 2 years in the Big 10?  How can he be still on the board here?  Had a bad injury after the season or would have been a first rounder.  Might not be ready this year, but wow what upside.

OK two picks only a few apart...any two of these 5 should really get some heat on ole Brent when we play the Vikings. Maybe those bashers will S T F U after all the crap about not grabbing Hughes or Kindle in the first!  I get so sick of just being called conservative.

Geez I’m getting tired and this three-day draft crap is really wearing me out.  Did any of you bush beating scouts find anything truly amazing while holidaying on the west coast on team money?

You really didn’t get Mikey a new QB toy to play with so we thought he needed a project...... maybe it will keep him from meddling in the play calling, and let the assistants make some decisions.  We thought we needed a tall guy that can really throw. 

While out on the west coast swing checking out USC we saw a QB just torch them when they brought Mays into the box to shut down those brothers who will be next years top RBs. 

Sean Canfield plays for the Beavers.  6’4” and solid 224 pounds, with a way better than average arm.  He shows very nice touch on the deep ball with almost 70 percent completion accuracy, 21 TD to only 7 int.  Too bad he didn’t have any really good receivers. 

Sure looks a lot more like Rodgers than Flynn does.  Did you really say he only took 6 classes in his Sr year because he graduated early?  Smart too, no JaMarcus syndrome with the big arm.

On the other side of the seventh coin would have to be Pitts Bill Stull.  A little small at only 6’2 and 211 pounds but he is very careful with the ball.  His completion percentage was over 65 percent both years as a starter throwing 37 TD and only 12 INT in a Pro style offense.   

Very quick in scramble mode and is a good decision maker when going for the first down yardage or getting out of bounds.  Zero fumbles in two seasons, and you know how Mikey hates turnovers.

Neither one of these guys is going to be the next Rodgers, but we only have one more year before Flynn wants more money to be No. 2 and one of these guys will probably catch or pass him before next training camp when Flynn is a FA.

Maybe we can get replacement draft for Flynn to stay really young.  Having all these picks every year sure is a good way to keep filling in holes!

Now guys, the list is getting a bit tattered.... too damn much scribbling on the board.  Bring me more coffee, I’m exhausted.   Before we call it a draft what have we missed?  A really big guy in case Jolly becomes the Jolly Green Jailbird.  Who do you have hiding.

First of the big guys is Brandon Deaderick.  At 6’4” and 314 pounds he is incredibly agile for a man his size.  Really looked agile playing in the shadow of Alabama linemate Cody, and often spelled him by moving inside in passing downs.

Has the 3 – 4 DL experience to fit all 3 spots in the 3 – 4 front, and with Jolly's potential issues and Jenkins contract expiring after next season this is a depth move that cannot be overlooked. 

His Senior numbers suffered some with only 5 TFL and 1 sack but he played the year with limited strength in one arm having suffered a gunshot wound as an innocent bystander to an armed robbery when getting .....food!  

Must have been hell living a shadow the size of Cody, so Pickett or Raji should seem pretty normal sized to him.

The other big guy we found.... on that California trip to look at Gerhart.  He is a bit short at 6’2” but strong at 315 pounds.  Ekom Udofia was a 4 year starter but missed part of his Soph season with a fractured ankle. 

He has an incredible motor and never quit attitude.  He made a tackle 25 yards downfield on cutback screen pass that I still wonder how he possibly got there from the NT spot.   With over 60 tackles and 4 TFL in his final two years, he has the ability to move all along a 3 – 4 front.

Put the big guys coin up, we are getting a DL steal in the seventh.

Now if you were going to try to influence the coin flips in the Packers draft room which side would you want:

Brown or Davis OT – first round

Owusu-Ansah or Cox CB and returner – second round

Gerhart or McKnight RB and ret – third round

Asante or Stukey S and special teams – fourth round

Gibson, Sheffield, Schofield, Sharp or Moats – ROLB and pass rushers all, 2 picks 5th round

Canfield or Stull – QB sixth round

Deadrick or Udofia – DL seventh round.

Let me know how you feel about this kind of a board plugging the limited number of holes on the 2010 Packers roster.  


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