buffaloskin: marshawn lynch to play in washington?

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MIAMI - OCTOBER 04:  Running back Marshawn Lynch #23 of the Buffalo Bills runs off the field after his first play back after a three game suspension by the NFL against the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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the theory is basically this...

yes the redskins currently have a crowded backfield of well lets just say version 2.0 of the "over the hill gang" with the likes of clinton portis, larry johnson & willie parker.

that being said its pretty much a known fact that the redskins will either have to look to get a young workhorse rb in the draft or trade for one.

the buffalo bills have been in dire need of a quarterback for a little more than a few seasons now & could facilitate a trade with washington to rid themselves of marshawn lynch, acquiring a good quarterback like jason campbell.

while the outpour has been overwhelmingly positive in the acquisition of donovan mcnabb & although there are things campbell can obviously improve on, statistically, campbell is not a garbage quarterback.

campbell as a quarterback is tough as well.

i can recall a game when the cowboys were playing washington & demarcus ware came off the blind side & fully blasted campbell & he went down. campbell beat the ground in pain as if he were going to die on the field.

everyone in the stadium thought he'd be done for the game. campbell got up slowly but during the next series was out there throwing the ball as if nothing happened. it was a 3 & out but it displayed his physical toughness & willingness to press on.

this pretty much was the scenario for campbell for a number of seasons. it gets no tougher than that.

since the trade for mcnabb its pretty much a known fact that campbells tenure in dc is pretty much over & although the trade talks have been seemingly amicable, the skins are w/o a doubt trying to part ways with campbell & others in order to fill the many, many holes washington will need to in order to be solid contenders for a playoff run.

lynch could be a great fit in the new shanahan offense.

lynch, recently has fallen from the good graces of the buffalo faithful & now, since they picked up fred jackson, are faced with the task of keeping lynch & allowing him to back up jackson or trading him for a player or draft picks. 


one possible scenario that could make sense is a straight-up trade between the two teams, with the redskins getting the 24 year-old talented, yet troubled back in exchange for campbell. 

this exchange will without a doubt fill needs for both teams.

if this trade scenario were to happen, i think it would almost certainly spell the end of the portis era in dc. 

lynch would provide a good combination of power, speed & receiving skills coming out of the backfield. shanahan, who loves competition at every level, i think would welcome a trade at this level.

shanahan is known for always having a stable of runners & lynch would certainly have the opportunity to be "the main guy" again in washington.

it may also be a way for washington to acquire lynch & a 4 or 5 in the draft if the skins would maybe pony up campbell & portis to get a deal done.

just a thought.

feel free to weigh in & comment below.

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