Chael Sonnen calls Anderson Silva a "dirtbag," not impressed with Maia fight

Natalia BaageContributor IApril 11, 2010

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"I'll watch the fight, but Silva's been in my cross-hairs anyway, whether it's beating him for the belt or to win the belt and go beat him up after that. He's getting beaten up in 2010 by Chael Sonnen. That's been the story from the jump... There's people out there that need (to be) beaten up - he's one of them. And I have a moral obligation to society to beat him up. He is a dirtbag anyway, whether he went out there and shook hands and was gracious or he didn't. Who cares? I don't know why sportsmanship needs to be involved, anyways. It's a fight - go do whatever you want. So, yes, I will do whatever I want. And when my music hits those speakers, I will make that walk and answer for my words."  - Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva's UFC 112 fight over Demian Maia was far from the champion's best. But title contender Chael Sonnen told MMAJunkie that he is not surprised with the way things went.

From the get-go, Silva taunted Maia, dancing around and refusing to engage him in combat. At one point, referee Dan Mirgliotta almost took a point away from Silva for his behavior.

Sonnen, though, did not find Silva's act surprising. The two fighters have crossed paths, especially before Sonnen's fight against Nate Marquardt at UFC 109, and Sonnen did not have many positive things to say about the champion. Sonnen accused Silva of being fake and boring, and his poor English speaking skills are an act.

After Sonnen's win over Marquardt, he was promised the next shot at Silva. However, when title contender Vitor Belfort was forced to pull out with an injury, Sonnen - between injury, recovery and training - could not replace Belfort. Maia stepped in instead.

Since Silva remained the champion after UFC 112, Sonnen will have his chance to face him in the near future. Cue the trash-talking.