WWE Smackdown Recap and Review 04/09/2010

Cody SchieldsCorrespondent IApril 10, 2010

Show starts off with Jack Swagger in the ring addressing the crowd, before being interrupted by John Morrison. Swagger makes mention of Morrison living in the shadow of the Miz, which ends up with Morrison taking shots at Jack Swagger's real life speech impediment.

Luckily for us Swagger seems like a good enough guy in nature, and as result he probably does not mind doing this type of banter for the benefit of the show so he goes along with it.

The talk eventually turns into a match when Swagger takes a run at Morrison and John ducks out of the way. Good match that ends with Swagger hitting the gut wrench powerbomb for the pin.

I realize Swagger is champ, but he is not on the same level performance wise with Morrison. John seems to be used as enhancement talent more and more as of late, hopefully they have big plans for him down the line.

Chris Jericho is then in back talking to his NXT rookie Wade Barrett before Jack Swagger comes in to turn the attention on himself.

Jack Swagger is lucky to be working with the likes of Jericho and Edge currently as both are true pros and will likely help to build up Swagger as a main event star.

Shad Gaspard formerly of Cryme Tyme comes down next and explains to everyone that it is his time now, and blames JTG for holding him back. JTG heads out and tries to chase down Shad, but ends up receiving a big boot from Shad outside the ring for his trouble.

The fans seem genuinely upset Shad turned on his former partner, and he can talk well enough that I think he will be a strong heel down the line once he finishes his feud with Jannetty (JTG).

Drew McIntyre out next to say a few words before his match with Matt Hardy, but thinks better of it as the crowd probably does not want to hear him talk anyhow. McIntyre over Hardy once again, as the jobbing out of Matt Hardy continues.

Matt should take the advice of his brother Jeff, and Shannon Moore and head to TNA once his deal is done, because it is obvious to me WWE has no big plans for him ahead.

I still have no idea what WWE sees in McIntyre. He is a decent worker, but as a heel the crowd does not boo him because he is good at being bad, they boo him because they could care less and want him to go away.

Next out was the Straight Edge Society + NXT rookie Darren Young to convert Young to straight edge. Young looked as if he was going to accept it, then had second thoughts. CM Punk was not taking no for an answer and looked to shave Young’s head when Mysterio came out to save the day. Mysterio then accepts Punk’s challenge for a match at Extreme Rules where if Punk loses, he must shave his own head.

CM Punk’s high quality heel mic work continued this week and he is really sustaining the crowds’ hatred these days. Since they decided against putting Rey’s mask on the line at the PPV, I would not be surprised to see Punk go over in that match. I believe Rey is enjoying the angle with Punk and would probably want a 3rd PPV match with him at Over the Limit in May to conclude the feud.

Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta were out next aka the Dudebusters. Pretty entertaining work on the mic by these guys, I especially enjoyed the line about making 12 three pointers in a row in the driveway, blindfolded. Those two could do well if they keep using entertaining dialogue like that.

The Dudebusters then took on the Hart Dynasty in a rematch from last Thursday’s Superstars. This one ended up being a solid and decent match by the youngsters with DH Smith winning it for his team via the Sharpshooter.

I like that the Hart Dynasty are now working face, but I think the crowd is a little hesitant to get behind them considering most of the fans do not seem to know who they are.

Next segment was backstage with Josh Matthews interviewing Dolph Ziggler about beating the Great Khali with the sleeper. Josh asked Ziggler how that felt to which Dolph responded by putting Matthews in the sleeper. I wonder if Michael Cole paid Ziggler to do that for Matthews making fun of him on NXT.

I am glad they are pushing Dolph these days as he is a good young talent. He stood out to me when he was Nicky in the spirit squad which is saying something considering there were 5 of them and all anyone wanted to talk about was Kenny (where is he these days?)

Jack Swagger was then in the back talking with Edge and told him he is pulling for him in the match with Y2J. Edge responds by telling Swagger he remembers when he cashed in his first Money in the Bank and how cocky he was at the time and asks Swagger if he knows where that got him? He lost that title three weeks later. Good segment between these two leading into the main event.

Main event saw Jericho and Edge go to a double countout. Good match between two of the best at what they do. It is looking like they will go with a triple threat at Extreme Rules for the World Title between Jack Swagger, Edge, and Jericho.

Overall this ended up being a good show, as it was not centered around one person and key people on the show all contributed.