Who To Blame Worker or Company?

Phoenix RocketContributor IApril 9, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  (L-R) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, WWE Executive Vice President Shane McMahon, and WWE wrestlers The Great Khali, Michelle McCool, MVP and Edge pose during the WWE Smackdown Photo Call at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
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After watching the documentary portion of I Walk Alone I was inspired to write an article. The DVD made me think about how good guys can be if they are either given better writing or just simply allowed to be themselves.

The problem with professional wrestling as a whole is that wrestlers will do whatever asked....check that, whatever they are told to do. Obviously to keep the chance that they may never get again.

I feel like Dave Bautista is or at least has been one of those cases. Not a bad worker who isnt good on the mic. I feel as if maybe he is one of those guys who at least in the beginning was not used the right way. Hes not great on the mic but is a monster in the ring. One of the guys who could really benefit from a manager, a really good mouthpiece.

Some would argue that it is the talents job to take a character and make it work. That the entertainer should have the ability to adapt and do what he is told and do it well. If you are one of those people please comment, because I dont feel that way.

If we look into history we see that there are at least a couple cases in which we can see this point. The first of which is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Started in WWE as The Ringmaster, a character carefully selected by Ted DiBiase to hold the million dollar belt. We came to find out this was a horrible character and one that would last.

Rocky Maivia was a charismatic kid who smiled and came out with colorful elaborate ring gear and was always smiling. Im assuming WWE thought that this was the way to go considering his lineage. But....with die rocky die chants hitting nearly every arena WWE had to make a change. It was a change for the better.

Stone Cold and The Rock would go on to become two of the greatest entertainers in history because their characters were taken outta the hands of the creative team and put more into the hands of the fans and eventually the wrestlers themselves.

Wrestlers should be given more freedom to be themselves. In the world of scripted promos, goofy characters, and bad storylines we may never see true superstars again. When wrestlers are told what to do and put out of their comfort zone we will get the same stuff until HHH's babys grow old enough to get into the ring. Let them be them things will play out and give the fans what they want. Good programing and new superstars.

What I wanna know from the fans and readers is who do you blame? Ive given my opinion give me yours. Also tune into the Beatdown every Sunday night from 9-11 CST on 1340wbgn.com or wbgnbeatdown.com. Hope you all enjoy