2010 NFL Draft: Scott Pioli Has a Lot of Decisions To Make

Aaron DuncanContributor IApril 8, 2010

Scott Pioli has been the Chiefs GM for a year now and he has finally put his coaching staff together, now decisions have to be made.  Our defense has some pieces but it really needs to improve. Being ranked in the bottom on all defesive categories means this is priority No. 1. 

Our offense showed signs of life towards the end of the season but we still need some playmakers.  I wont pretend to know what Scott Pioli is thinking or what his scouts have studied but this is what i hope to see out of the Chiefs come April.

Now assuming no trades are made and the draft goes as follows:

Rams: Sam Bradford

Lions: Ndamukong Suh

Bucs: Gerald McCoy

Skins: Russel Okung

With the No. 5 pick in the draft the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Brian Bulaga , T Iowa. 

I know, I know, I hate this pick more than anyone and it's my mock.  I want Berry just as much as the next guy, but it just isn't going to happen.  I researched Pioli's drafts when he was in New England and he never went for a safety before round two. 

If Okung were there I would say take him, but he will be gone.  Even though I don't believe Kansas City's line was that bad, I do believe that adding depth and improving from the core is a great idea.  Bulaga is a stud who I don't need to talk about because every other writer has written everything about him.  I don't like it, but it does make sense.

In round two, with the 36th pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Terrance Cody , NT Alabama.  What? You say the Chargers will pick him? Not so fast.  The Chargers will draft RB Ryan Matthews because he is their biggest need and Houston will likely take a safety to replace Dunta Robinson, leaving Mt. Cody. 

The best way to stop the run is to get a big body who will demand to be double teamed.  Some say Johnson is a better version of Rolando McClain, so just think what they could do against the run together.  By having him draw the double team that will free up Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey to live up to their potential.

In round two, with the 50th pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Chad Jones , SS LSU.  Jones is a raw but very talented two-sport athlete.  At 6'3" 221 lbs. Jones has the potential to become an elite safety.  He runs a 4.5 forty and has a tremendous burst.  Romeo Crennel will have a field day with a talent like this.  Since Pioli wont take a safety in the first round he will make up for it here.

In round three, with the 68th pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Donald Butler , ILB Washington.  At 6'1" 245lbs with a 4.62 forty, Butler is hard hitting strong linebacker.  His bench press surprised most scouts at the combine when he threw up 35 reps. In college he played OLB and ILB and had 94 tackles, 15 for a loss, 2 INT, 3 FFL, and 1 fumble recovery.  Butler is a stud who will go nicely between Johnson and Vrabel.

In round four, with the 102nd pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Ricky Sapp , OLB Clemson.  I haven't seen a lot on him but what I have read sounds like he is our kind of guy.  Sapp played three years with his hand in the dirt as a DE then was moved to OLB as a senior.  As an OLB, Sapp was allowed to use his speed and athleticism to take out TE and RB to pressure the QB.  Sound like anyone? Hali.

In round five, with the 136th pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Riley Cooper , WR Florida.  At 6'3" 222 lbs Cooper is the ideal size WR who can play outside or go across the middle.  He can make the hard catches look easy but has a "buyer beware tag" due to not giving 100 percent all the time.  I believe Haley can fix that.  One of his most appealing traits is that he can block.

In round five, with the 142nd pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Tony Moeaki , TE Iowa.  Here is a player who has good athleticism, great speed, and catching ability.  He is not the best blocker but he can catch passes over the middle.  The offense that Haley has brought over from Arizona and even Charlie Weiss Notre Dame pro style didn't utilize TE that much.  Plus, he is good insurance for Brad Cottam, whom I believe is a great talent but a bit injury prone.

In round five, with the 144th pick the Kansas City Chiefs pick...

Joique Bell , RB Wayne State. He is a thumper, standing at 5'11" 217 lbs, he is built like an every down back but lacks the elite speed.  He will be the heir apparent to Thomas Jones.  I believe a mix of Bell and Charles would be a deadly combo due to the fact that Bell can catch the ball as well.


I believe a draft like this will go a long way in filling all the holes in our roster.  So tell me CHIEF FANS, what do you think?