"Are The Rocket's Lifting Off Too Late?"

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIApril 8, 2010

The Houston Rocket's have been nothing short of inconsistent. Most people thought this team was going to be one of the worst teams in the NBA coming into this years season. When I heard this rumor I was shocked, considering they had given the Laker's a run for their money in the playoffs just a couple months before. The Laker's acquired Ron Artest in exchange for Trevor Ariza. After this happened I knew it was the right move for LA and the wrong move for Houston.

Heading into the beginning of the season we were getting what we expected from this Houston Rocket team. They obviously had some offensive power but they could not sustain that for 48 minutes. Being an Oregonian I grew up watching Oregon Duck's Basketball and naturally I fell in love with Aaron Brook's when he led the Duck's to much success. When I heard Brook's was headed to the Rocket's and that Trevor Ariza, a former Laker now, I was excited to see this team play. Throughout the season it seemed as though the Rocket's were actually contenders for a 7 or 8th seed in the playoffs heading into the All Star Break with a over (.500) record. It seemed as though the young Rocket's led by Aaron Brook's were going to surprise the world.

Yao Ming had been out most of the season with a major foot injury and honestly it didn't seem to slow this team down. Tracy Mcgrady was also out with a back injury and to no surprise he was recently traded to the New York Knick's. This left a Rocket team with Aaron Brook's, Kevin Martin, Louis Scola, Chuck Hayes, and Trevor Ariza. Just reading off the names you would expect this team to score a lot and win some games but sadly, this year they couldn't keep their hopes alive and they will not be in the 2010 NBA Playoffs this year.

That does not mean they should be discouraged or disappointed, considering they were picked to finish near the bottom of the West. After all that has happened, Kevin Martin's arrival and the trade of Trevor Ariza I guarantee you that they will be a force to be reckon with.

After watching tonight's win over a very good Utah Jazz team I could see the potential this team had and it gave me more a reason to predict them to be a contender next year. You all may be saying that I am crazy but once again, I guarantee that next years Rocket team will not be disappointing, too bad this years team couldn't pull it off quite enough.

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