Minnesota Timberwolves: What If Evan Turner and John Wall Stay in School?

Timber WolfAnalyst IIApril 7, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - APRIL 04:  Evan Turner of the Ohio State Buckeyes poses with the 2010 Naismith Men's College Player of the Year trophy during the NABC Guardians of the Game Awarding of Naismith Trophy Presented by AT&T at the Murat Theatre on April 4, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images for Naismith Award)
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Lord forbid that Evan Turner returns for his senior season and John Wall wants to return to Kentucky for his sophomore season.

Evan Turner should be on the Timberwolves radar and would improve the team drastically, along with the cap space and the other two draft picks in the first round.

And with the two second round picks that the Wolves also have, you can see that this is a big draft for the future of the organization.

But with the recent turn of events, Evan Turner and John Wall have not decided whether they are entering the 2010 NBA draft and sadly to say that the Wolves future heavily depends on this draft.

So if John Wall and Evan Turner were not to enter the draft, I came up with the prospects that the Wolves should draft that could still really help the team.

Assuming that the Wolves get the No. 3, No. 17 and No. 24 pick, this is what I would do:

No. 3: Wesley Johnson

No. 17: James Anderson

No. 24: Trade this for another pick next season

Notice they are all interchangeable wing players.

James Anderson is one of the better shooter/shot-creaters in the NCAA's, has decent size for a shooting guard and can get better at creating shots for others.

Wesley Johnson is the best forward in the draft, as he's incredibly athletic, can shoot the three-point shot with range, is a weakside shot blocker and while he is no Evan Turner in terms of ball-handling or shot creating, he has potential in this area.

Lord forbid that Evan Turner doesn't suit up for the NBA this season, as he'd fit in great for the Wolves.

He'd move Corey Brewer to the three spot, which will probably suit him better because he can use his speed and quickness to his advantage against other small forwards.

Evan Turner would also play off of Jonny Flynn, who can only improve after this season and has shown better flashes than before and Ricky Rubio? Haha.

John Wall is a slightly less athletic Derrick Rose.

He will have a lot of work to do, as well as all NBA prospects, but he brings tremendous speed, athleticism, work ethic and intensity to the table.

Wall also boasts a decent court vision, and is a clutch competitor, and would be a nice fit on the Wolves as well.

Ultimately, Evan Turner should be the Wolves No. 1 guy.

David Kahn had this to say in a nutshell. "If we feel that this one guy is 'the guy', we're going to go out and get him."