Female Sports Fans? Yes Indeed!

CJ RobinsonContributor IApril 6, 2010

So it's a given that sports are a male dominated arena, however more and more women are showing their team colors than ever before. As an avid sports fan myself, I am always amazed when I talk to men about say an NFL game and they seem completely surprised that I even know who is who on the field. Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I am oblivious to the game, NFL Football has been my favorite sport since I was nine years old. My father was a Patriots fan, we lived in Connecticut and I needed a rival team so I chose the Pittsburgh Steelers, the era of the Steel Curtain, Lynn Swan, Franco Harris, and Terry Bradshaw. I loved watching the black and gold uniforms run out onto the field and gage war on their opponents. I learned the plays, the calls by the officials and I was in love with the game. I knew each player, what their mission was each down, and loved watching Coach Cowher strategize with his underlings. The excitement every Sunday and Monday and now we get Thursday games too!

I have taken a liking to pro baseball, some of my friends are the biggest Yankees fans and I have been to several Yankee and Mets games, they can be a bit tiring if the game is one sided. I have recently adopted the Chicago Cubs as my favorite baseball team, I like underdogs. I do not know the players well and complete rules of the game but I know what goes on and love to cheer on the Cubs.

Golf, now that is a skill all in it's own! I have played golf on and off, thanks to an ex-boyfriend I was able to play the best courses in Bermuda as my golfing debut, par 3 & 4 courses. I should have started young, I would have loved to have been a pro golfer, but in private girls school golf is not a sport they offer. I know personally the talent it takes to get a small white ball across the greens to the moment of putting it into the cup, what a feeling that is! When I see these men like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc play in these tournaments, all I can say is wow! Just look at Tiger Woods and what he has done for the game of golf, I personally never really watched it until he started to play. And I don't care about the 'cheating', hey he is human and we ALL make mistakes. 

The NFL, Pro Baseball, College Basketball and Football, Golf, Olympic Games, I love it all! What is wrong with that? Can't I just enjoy the game the same as anyone else without being judged? Just because women are in a sports bar doesn't mean they are there to socialize, we actually go to watch the games just like the men. We like to go to the games just as much as they do, we can even call a play before they do. I know some men don't think women can be 'real' sports fans, but you would be surprised fellas! I have 8 friends right now that are women who would join me at a sports bar for the buffalo wings, drinks and yes to watch the games in the swiftness of one phone call!