"The True Franchises in The NBA"

Hayden Kim@@HayDayKimCorrespondent IIIApril 6, 2010

There have been too many great teams in NBA History to count all of them. A few of them including Jordan's 90's Bull's, Magic's 80's "Showtime" Laker's, Larry Bird's 80's Celtic's, I mean you name it. Now I personally have not watched any of the great teams play before the 90's so I cannot go into detail of how good they were but I am certain the NBA will never have teams like them again.

People will forever argue which teams were the greatest of all time and frankely you can only compare to a certain point. The game has changed a lot over the last 20 or so years and it would be a joke to try and compare teams from the 80's to the teams now. I am not here to talk about the change in the game of basketball, what I am here to do is to tell you which franchises are the best, not merely the teams.

Like I mentioned earlier the three teams that usually pop up are the Laker's, Celtic's and the 90 Bull's. Now we all know that the Boston Celtic's have the most championships with 17 and the Los Angeles Laker's have the second most with 15 returning from a championship year last year, and the Chicago Bull's with 6. In my opinion it is pretty obvious which franchise is the greatest but many people have different opinions.

Lets start off with the Chicago Bull's. They have won 6 championships in their history and all of them were with the great Michael Jordan. A franchise is not considered great unless they can maintain that greatness and looking at the Bull's history after Michael it would foolish to consider them a great "franchise".

Now the Celtic's have the most championships and for most people they would think that's the deciding factor and in reality it should be. Sadly it is not, the Boston Celtic's after the great, Bob Cousy, Bill Russel, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale until recently have been consistently one of the worst teams in the NBA. For heavens sake Antoine Walker at one point was scoring half their points only 5-10 years ago. Lets not take anything away from Paul Pierce or any former players that had done well for the organization, the fact is that the Celtic's until recently have not been a contender in the offseason for more than 20 years. The trade for Ray Allen, Keving Garnett and the aquired Rajon Rondo is the only reason why they are back in the mix for more championships. The gap in between the 80's Celtic's and the Celtic's team now is too great and for me that is the only reason why they aren't "The greatest franchise" ever. I do believe they are without a doubt one of the two and only great franchises but not the best.

Now finally onto my Laker's. Yeah I know what your thinking and trust me I try hard not to be bios. My opinion is that the Laker's are the greatest franchise of all time and here is my reasoning. There is no team in NBA History that has sustained greatness for so long as the Los Angeles Laker's. Ever since Jerry West, the Logo of the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Kobe Bryant and Shaq, I can only count a couple bad teams in between the greats. Among them was the 2005 Laker's team who did not make the playoffs which was very rare for the Laker's and it has not happened since. Now I am not saying that there has not been bad teams in the past, there has, but in my knowledge there is no sufficient gap between the great teams that separates them from greatness.

As long as the Laker's can continue to bring in young and fresh talent every couple of years I truely believe that the Laker's will be the greatest franchise of all time.

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