The Curse Of Being Small In WWE

David BowstonContributor IApril 4, 2010

You can't deny it. We see it almost every time we watch the latest edition of any one of WWE's weekly and annual shows. A huge, rippling muscles, "perfect" body, alpha male standing tall with a championship held above his head.

Then we have the guy who has the impressive body, the toned abs, a few feet smaller, a good few pounds lighter walking away from the ring having "put up a good fight" but "coming up short", I excuse every WWE commentator of that pun as they make it all the time.

Now compared to friends I'm a small guy so growing up I've cheered for the X-Pac's, Billy Kidman's, Rey Mysterio's, Paul London's and Evan Bourne's of the wrestling world but between all of them they have had how many world titles?


And we hate to admit it but Rey Mysterio's title reign was because of Eddie Guerrero's death.

Rey is incredibly talented and worthy of many more titles but unfortunately thats how his world title count will be remembered.

Evan Bourne debuted in WWE quite a while ago and I was stupid enough to see hope for him as a future main eventer but we can all tell already that that's gone to hell.

X-Pac had quite good success in both companies but nothing Hall of Fame worthy, same goes for Kidman.

As for London, well if the backstage murmors are true Vince hated Paul London.

Face it, McMahon idealises the massive, dominant guys and they'll be thrust into the spotlight.

Evidence: Sheamus, okay he's old enough but nowhere near enough experience to be in the scene he's in now. However he has McMahon's perfect image. Drew McIntyre, speaks for itself. Jack Swagger is a very good wrestler and has had some experience BUT what right does he have to thrusted before the likes of Mysterio.

In my opinion wherever Swagger is Evan Bourne should be right along side him as he's just as talented but has had NO push or glimmer of hope of succeeding in the WWE.

It is a crying shame because in 20 years nobody will know who he was and as for Swagger? He'll probably be in the HOF.


Is Swagger a much better performer? No, I'd say Bourne has better in ring qualities as he brings something fresh to wrestling not just Kurt Angle with hair.

Has Swagger better mic qualities? Granted he is better on the mic but how many times has Bourne had a chance to prove himself? One promo that I can remember.

Does Swagger take bigger bumps? Hell no! Bourne has been thrown about like a rag doll since joining WWE whereas Swagger is allowed to dominate.

Is Swagger more over with the crowd? Arguably not. The crowd go wild when Evan Bourne enters any arena because they know they're in for fast paced, high octane, highly exciting action. With Swagger we'll see him dominate Chavo Guerrero or Santino Marella and be praised to the high Heavens.

This obsession WWE has with squashing smaller guys and pushing heavyweights has to end now. The LEAST they could do is return the Cruiserweight title but noone ever cared about it.

Lets look at the main champions over recent years:

Triple H -Big

Batista - Huge

John Cena - Big

Undertaker (?) - Big

Edge - Big

Randy Orton - Not massive but certainly not cruiserweight.

Rey Mysterio has much much better in ring abilities than all of those guys bar Edge but is used as a filler when other big guys are involved in main event feuds.

Granted CM Punk and Jeff Hardy weren't the biggest of guys but how long were they featured in the title picture? Not long enough.

Please guys, open your eyes and reward talent, not size.