WWE Draft: The Most Important Night of Year

Jeff TerryContributor IApril 3, 2010

The WWE Draft day will be a huge day that writers can't mess up. On this night is the night WWE has to get it right. Luckly it is in Richmond, Virginia where I will be in attendence so I hope they don't blow it.Because on this night they gotta get it right.

First thing and I believe is most important thing is it is time to get 100% behind Randy Orton. He is very over and I think they need to keep on building on this. The more over Orton gets I think the less fans will bash Cena. Its fine with having Cena your number one guy but I think Orton has to be 1B. And I think if they have Orton turn back heel within the next 6 months would be a huge mistake make this a good solid face run.


Next thing is you gotta keep pushing the Hart Dynasty. Keep this feud with Show-Miz going and slowly build the tag division back up. With Cryme Tyme splitting I don't expect them lasting 3 months as single competitors. Tag teams need to be built up because not everyone can be single competitor you got 4 shows and not everyone is used. Strong tag teams gotta be made and Hart Dynasty is top of the line.


Edge and Christian gotta be placed on same show I would love to see them reunite as a tag team but I really doubt that happens. So have these guys go into a long feud I am not sure what show to place them on but I think Raw and Smackdown need to really reshape there rosters. Yes Smackdown is good but I think they need to balance it off more so we don't get tired of same guys.


2 Words Shelton Benjamin with his interaction with Jack Swagger I am praying this is a push for Shelton. It is probably nothing but this guy is ridicilously good get him a mouth piece or something. Him and Swagger could tear it up. I am not saying Shelton should win the title but atleast have him get a shot at a ppv. I doubt this happens every year we hope but it don't happen.


Ted Dibiase has to be on sent away to Smackdown. And slowly turn him face maybe have him go into a feud with McIntyre that really elevates both guys as future World Champs. But I think Ted being on same show with Orton won't help Ted at all. Set him free and let him work his way up.


CM Punk I think should return back to Raw. He should go into a feud with Cena after this Rey Mysterio feud. Have a feud with Cena then Orton and keep on building on the heat he gets. Keep pushing this guy to the moon because his character is rather original and the fans eat it up. Showcase him on the "# 1 wrestling show" and add some other guys to the Straight Edge Society.

Beth Phoenix put her on Raw and keep on pushing her shes the best Diva in the WWE. Beth has to be your focal point in diva division. Don't kill her momentum because she had a down point. Putting her in a feud with Vickie Guerrerro was smart. Keep it up and keep Vickie Guerrerro off top ropes Eddie has to be looking down cussing none stop at what his wife is doing. Beth has to be your focal point in diva division point blank period.


I could go on and on about who should be moved but that will take forever. But the key thing WWE has to do is to not rape Smackdown's roster and then have guys on Raw doing dark matches. Make it even and don't ruin anyone momentum. This night could really help WWE build up the future. One thing is where to put certain guys like Triple H, Sheamus, Undertaker. Hope WWE don't drop the ball but we will see.