WWE: The Remainder Of 2010 (How To Tackle The Future)

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Jack Swagger (top) and Primo compete during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This is my first article since Wrestlemania, so before I get into the bulk of the article I would like to give a few quick thoughts.

My first is that its time to gloat. If you check my Wrestlemania predictions you will find that I got them all right except for the money in the bank ladder match. Even though I got that one match wrong however, I was still thrilled with the result. So the first thing to say about Wrestlemania then is that it was well booked. If I had seen that list of results before watching the show I would have been ecstatic.

The opening contest was good while it lasted, but due to time constraints it was over before it could get going. Showmiz picked up the deserved win.

The second match was actually very well done in terms of storytelling. I generally hate babyface wrestlers, but then again is Orton a babyface? If anything he is more snake-like than ever in the ring and he gets cheered for it. He is without doubt WWE's biggest asset at the moment, and if he can get cheered while maintaining his viper character then he will be unstoppable.

 Legacy was made to look weak, but then again it was the right thing to do. I'm sorry but DiBiase seems to be extremely over-rated to me. I notice that Ted got pinned not Cody, then again he was punted. On a final note here I like the return of Orton's pose.

Then along came Money In The Bank. I have to say this was disappointing. It boils down to the fact that 10-men is just too many. Benjamin did nothing all match, and nobody really had much time to shine. Except one man, who happens to now be the World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger. No matter how I criticise this match there were three men that stood out: Matty Hardy, Christian and Swagger. Swagger is finally in the main-event, after months of being seen only on WWE Superstars. Reasons? He has charisma, he can wrestle, and he's big. Vince's and my idea of a WWE star.

Yet all week there have been people on this site complaining. Now I hate to rant at people but I cannot resist. You IWC members keep talking non-stop about how WWE PG 'sucks'. You keep complaining about how 'stale' the product is. You moan about how WWE doesn't push young stars. Well as Chris Jericho would say you are all hypocrites.

How can you moan about WWE being stale when you go out of youre way to ruin suprises by looking at spoilers, then go and ignorantly post them and ruin it for other people? No wonder WWE has gone PG, people like you (and you know who you are) are never satisfied, and have to pick fault with everything. At least kid's have the decency to appreciate the product!

It gets worse though. As I said you keep moaning about lack of future main-event stars in the company, yet when WWE pushes two of these potential stars to glory what do they get? How about 'their not ready yet', or 'they have devalued the world titles'? Reality check people!

Sheamus had a very solid match with HHH,  we all knew who would win, but Sheamus put on a strong showing. CM Punk and Mysterio was a let-down for me because this was the perfect chance to push Punk and have some great TV by having Mysterio join the SES. But Punk not only lost, but was made to look weak in this match. I can only hope he gets revenge at Extreme Rules.

I haven't got much to say about Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon, except for the fact that it was let-down of the century. Absolute joke of a match and I can't even be bothered talking about it.

Then along came a saving grace by the name of Chris Jericho, or god as I like to call him. He put on a terrific show with Edge, and even better got the win, which cemented his position in the main-event, and allows this feud to build up even more. Shame he's not world champion, but then again this feud can continue just as well without the belt.

I would like to say at this point that the Diva's division is a joke in WWE. I never forget Wrestlemania 22 when Mickie James faced Trish Stratus. The two had probably the best women's match I have ever seen. WWE, people want to see the divas, and they want to see them in meaningful feuds. I liked the frog splash though.

John Cena vs Batista was decent enough, we all knew that with Jericho winning this was a formality but the two really gave it their all. I am slightly disappointed that Batista tapped out though.

The main-event was a true spectacle. The most emotion packed match I have ever witnessed. I liked the fact that Undertaker seemed to win easier this year, which really emphasised the passing of the torch. This match was magical and was a tribute to both of these world class performers. Shawn will be a big loss.

Just a few other notes:

i) The crowd was dreadful

ii) The arena was spectacular

iii) There were too many matches, which is why the under-card suffered significantly. I think there should be a rule in WWE that ensures that no Wrestlemania has more than eight matches. There simply isn't time and it detracts from the quality of the event.

So after that 'short review' I will give my views on what needs to happen in the remainder of 2010:

1) Continued development of main-event stars: Sheamus and Jack Swagger are great starts but we need even more. WWE's emphasis this year is to put either world title on at least another two young-stars who have not held either before. Obvious contenders are Miz, Ziggler, Morrison (perhaps), Kingston (maybe) and even Matt Hardy. WWE has already (unlike any other company i.e. TNA) made steps to secure their future, and they now need to consolidate this.

2) Put the WWE title on Orton at least twice: Orton is WWE's ace card at the moment. While the world title is on him, good things happen. He needs to be kept in the main-event scene and he needs to be winning. If WWE keeps his babyface character, then fine but if I were them I would ensure that he still acts like a heel whether the fans cheer or boo, that is his comfort zone.

3) Develop the mid-card: One thing that has occurred to me as of late is the real need for the cruiserweight title. When it was retired it was because there were not enough people to compete for it, but now look. If you watched superstars last week you would have seen Tyson Kidd put on a clinic against Rey Mysterio, boy does this guy have talent. A guy like him could do with gold. Also now we have Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero (who desperately needs this), Carlito, Primo, Yoshi Tatsu, Bryan Danielson. My idea is to have all these guys on Smackdown! competing for the crusierweight title. They can then go onto bigger things such as US titles and World titles.

The heavyweight mid-card is also strong. WWE needs to continue pushing the wrestlers here as well. It is career suicide for a lot of these wrestlers to be on Raw, so WWE should try to shift a lot of these guys to Smackdown!.

4) Don't be petty: Now I don't mind the PG era, in fact to me it is little different to any other era. But WWE can get away with a little blading even on a PG rating. Don't go TNA style and have blood flowing like wine, but use it when it is needed to enhance a feud or match. Even if they don't do this then quit stopping matches when someone genuinely gets cut open. It disrupts the flow of a match and really annoys fans, even the kids. Also a chair shot to the head should be allowed as long as wrestlers cover up properly.

5) Get rid of waste: If you examine the WWE roster at the moment you find the following: Zack Ryder, Vladimir Kozlov, Caylen Croft, Trent Baretta, Mike Knox, Jimmy Wang Yang, Finlay and Slam Master J. Clear up vital roster space by clearing out dead space. Nobody wants to see these guys, nobody. I know jobbers are needed but just bring in a local worker when you need that.

I cannot think of anything else I need to say here, but any comments are welcome and I really hope WWE continues its current future development over the coming year.