Can Everyone Please Stop Talking About How Hoosiers Is Similar to Butler?

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Can Everyone Please Stop Talking About How Hoosiers Is Similar to Butler?
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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick of listening to people talk about how the movie Hoosiers is similar to Butler's run to the Final Four. 

I mean the comparison is not hard to make. You are not a genius. 

Yes, they are a mid-major school playing for a chance at a national championship. Yes, their home court was the set for the filming of the movie. And yes, if they win, it would be Hollywood material. 

That doesn't change the fact that I am sick of hearing about the similarities. 

According to a google news search of the world "Hoosiers," there are 2,165 articles relating them to Butler. 

And counting. 

I think one thing that people are overlooking is the fact that Butler really isn't an underdog. 

They were ranked 10th coming into the season. They have won 24 straight games, dating back to Dec. 22, 2009. They play in Indiana, which is basketball country, so finding at least decent recruits shouldn't be too hard.

They have been to the tournament 10 times, including 9 times in the past 13 years, and all of the last four. This isn't all that out of the blue. We should also mention that Butler has played a 12 and 13 during this tournament...I'm just saying. 

I am sick of Butler being this Hoosier team, and I think that they are sick of it too. They are the Bulldogs, and they are looking to make their own magic. So shut up about the dang movie, and let history take its course this weekend.

Just watch out, if they win, God only knows how many more Hoosier stories Butler will be part of.   

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