A New Season Dawns For The Giants and Why We Care

Dave DalbyContributor IApril 3, 2010

  Thus ends the Winter of Our Discontent (Apologies to William Shakespeare).  It, is time to set aside the petty bickering about 5th starters, prospects, Managers, General Managers, Off-season pickups, and lack of hitting.  It is time to play real baseball and glory in the fact that we are, when all is said and done, Giants Fans.  We argue because we care.

  I thought it would be fun to make a list of the nicknames of Giant players to bring back memories and illustrate the rich history of the franchise.  No particular order, no ranking, and not an all encompassing list.  Please add names that you remember. But first, a couple of quotes we can all take to heart:


James J. Smilin  Mutrie, Manager:  "My Big Fellows! My Giants!"  Thus. the Gothams became the Giants

Chief Meyers: "Once a Giant, always a Giant."  In The Glory of Their Times 1992


The List:

Frankie Frisch The Fordham Flash

Christy Mathewson The Christian Gentleman, Big Six

King Carl Hubble

Orlando Cepeda The Baby Bull, Cha Cha

Will The Thrill Clark

Gary Mathews Sr. Sarge

Gaylor Perry The Ancient Mariner

George Foster The Destroyer

Sudden Sam McDowell

Travis Stonewall Jackson

Hoyt Wilhelm Old Sarge

Amos Rusie The Hoosier Thunderbolt

Hooks Wiltse

Memphis Bill Terry

Rube Marquard

Bobby Thomson The Flying Scotsman

Tito Fuentes Parakeet

Dave King Kong Kingman

Candy Maldonado

Mel Ott Master Melvin

John The Count Montefusco

Jeffrey Hackman Leonard

Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons

Buck Ewing

Tim Keefe Smiling Tim

Roger Conner Dear Old Roger

Willie Stretch McCovey

Juan Marichal Manito, The Dominican Dandy

Kirk Rueter Woody

Ron Bear Bryant

Joe Ducky Medwick

Casey Stengel

Joe Ironman McGinnity

Tim Lincecum The Freak

Pablo Sandoval The Panda

A few managers:

Dusty Baker

John  McGraw The Little Napolean

Alvin Dark The Swamp Fox

Oh, and lest we forget:

Willie Mays The Say Hey Kid, or just Buck to his friends


Rest in Peace Chief Meyers, for once a Giants fan, always a Giants fan.

Come on Giants, give us all you've got!



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