Thank You Shawn Michaels!

Scott KeenaContributor IApril 1, 2010

Below is a quick and simple article I wrote on one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time: Shawn Michaels. I have way more to say than this, but I wanted to keep it simple. This is my little tribute and way of saying thank you to "The Heartbreak Kid" for all he's given me and the millions of wrestling fans everywhere. It's the least I could do.



Shawn Michaels.... 
What can you really say about a guy like Shawn Michaels? His plethora of nicknames doesn’t do him justice. The only thing that does do him justice is to watch any of his matches and see what greatness truly was/is. Shawn was (along with Bret Hart) the biggest reason I fell in love with wrestling and the WWE in the first place. Just hearing the "Oh, oh, Shawnnn...” theme song made me smile and get excited for Shawn Michaels.
I started watching in 1991. I saw an amazing tag team that went by the name "The Rockers." I was hooked right from the start. I remember "The Barber Shop" and look back on that moment as the beginning of maybe the greatest career in WWE (or wrestling) history. 

His run as a singles wrestler was nothing short of amazing. I knew he was truly a special performer when I sat down as an eight-year-old kid and watched WrestleMania X. I saw the greatest Ladder Match of all-time and I was amazed. That was the day I became a "mark" for The Showstopper.

I think the moment for me that will always stand out is the Royal Rumble 1995. It was a horrible rumble. Very bad actually, but once again, one man saved it from being forgettable. I will NEVER EVER forget how excited and blown away I was when Shawn got tossed over the top rope in the rumble match and held on with only one foot touching the floor. He showed the athlete and performer that he truly was. Like WM X, this moment took him up to another level for me.

I remember watching when his “boyhood dream" came true, when he thrilled us in the first ever Hell in a Cell, and when he came back in 2002 and picked up right where he had left off in 1998. All these memories can never be taken away and I am so grateful I got to see many of his matches, and live through his character through all the ups and downs.

Shawn is a one of a kind performer and I'm fortunate to have been able to witness that "once." Shawn just gave us all memories. Now we have so many and can smile upon thinking about HBK and all he's given us. That's what makes him so great. I am so lucky to have seen him at Pay-Per-Views, House shows, and even a few Monday Night Raws.

I was as amazed by him live as I was on television. Maybe even more live. He was/is in a class by himself.
No matter what happened with his personal life in the 1990's, he was always the guy you could depend on to deliver a match that could make you sit there with your jaw dropped.

He did that over and over again. It never got old and I would be glad to watch it forever. Sadly, all great things must come to an end. With the past two WrestleMania performances, he has shown to be anything but "washed up." He and The Undertaker have taken us to magical places over the last two years.

I want to thank them for the five-star matches they have given us and, more importantly, for showing us what wrestling truly is, and reminding us why we love it.
Someday, I hope to be able to share wrestling with my children, and if they ever ask me what makes wrestling so great, I won't even hesitate to pop in a DVD or tape of "The Heartbreak Kid." My hope is that he will still be able to have the same effect on them as he had on me back in 1991.
Thank you Shawn for all you've given to the WWE fans and all you've ever done. It's truly the mark of a special man when he can cause a grown man to cry and tear up, but that's what you did to me on March 29th, 2010. You saying goodbye was so tough to come to terms with and I will have to get used to it with time.

I just want to say that we all love and admire you and I, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for keeping the magic alive and truly being "The Main Event." You are all class and the epitome of greatness. May God bless you and your family. Lord knows you deserve it and so much more.

Cheers, on a career UNMATCHED! The Heartbreak Kid has left the building, but he will remain with us forever.
Thank you so much,
Scott Keena