Are the NC State Wolfpack Faithful Setting Themselves Up for Disappointment?

Allen LoppCorrespondent IApril 1, 2010

The North Carolina State Wolfpack basketball team has a potential all-star recruit coming in named Ryan Harrow.

If you're a Pack fan, and you haven't heard about him, then you must have been living under a rock.

Harrow is exactly the kind of point guard that Sidney Lowe's system is designed to be run around. He is an aggressive scorer with the ability to create for himself, and he has incredible quickness.

Harrow's game reminds me of another guard who attends Ohio State. That's right—Evan Turner.

Now there are obviously some differences between Harrow and Turner. Harrow is a bit small height-wise, while at 6'7'' Turner is not lacking in that department. 

In saying all of this, the consensus around Wolfpack nation is that Harrow will be the savior of the basketball program.

I think these are some big expectations for a guy coming straight out of the high school.

The Wolfpack faithful have seen the Kentucky program transform from a losing program to an NCAA National Championship contender in just one year, and they expect the same thing.

John Wall has received most of the credit for the transformation of the Kentucky program, and rightfully so, because he has been a major part of that team.

The problem is that the Wolfpack nation thinks Harrow will lead them back to the promise land, like Wall did for Kentucky.

The main difference between Wall and Harrow is not only the fact that Wall is a better pure point guard, but also the teams surrounding both players.

The recruiting class that came in with Wall was one of the better ones in recent history. It included a dominating post player in DeMarcus Cousins and a good combo guard in Eric Bledsoe.

Not to knock the incoming recruiting class, but since the decommitment of C.J. Leslie and Luke Cothron, it is looking less attractive. We still have the two main pieces in Lorenzo Brown and Ryan Harrow, but with the departure of Dennis Horner, we needed to add depth down low.

I know exactly what you are thinking: "What about Tracy Smith? He is still a dominant player inside." Well, that is very true, but he is an upcoming senior, and that is another reason for adding depth.

I know that a starting rotation with Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown, Scott Wood, Richard Howell, and Tracy Smith still sounds good, but will it be enough to get the Wolfpack back into the NCAA Tournament?

Who knows. But if Wolfpack nation goes into the next basketball season with expectations of the team becoming a contender for a National Title like Kentucky did, fans are going to be severely disappointed.

I'm not trying to say that they won't be able to contend at all, because I believe they will be able to challenge any team in the ACC. If the pieces fall into the right places, they may be able to win an ACC title, but the Wolfpack nation shouldn't get their hopes up too high.