Texas A&M Football: Three QBs Get a Head Start In Spring Practices

Jeff ShullAnalyst IApril 1, 2010

Apparently the fact that Jerrod Johnson will be graduating next year has influenced the three incoming freshman quarterbacks to get a head start on the competition, including each other.

Clay Honeycutt, Jameill Showers, and Matt Joeckle all graduated early from High School and are currently enrolled in classes, which means they are participating in Spring practices.

This gives them a huge leg up compared to other freshman who enroll in the fall, ones that get only a month or two to prepare for playing in front of 80,000 people.

The Maroon and White Spring game will give them a taste of what that feels like, and hopefully will rid them of any game day jitters when one of them takes over in 2011, or heaven forbid if Johnson gets hurt this season.

Clay Honeycutt is a running quarterback specializing in his athleticism and scrambling ability to make plays. He nearly surpassed 1,000 yards in rushing and passing in his Senior year, having 927 rushing yards and 1,527 passing yards with 22 total touchdowns. 

He will more than likely take the road that Ryan Tannehill took, meaning the coaches will find a way to utilize his ability at another position if he does not emerge as the best of the three quarterbacks. Not that it is cut and dry, but he is the lowest rated of the three by both ESPN and Rivals.

You may have heard the name Honeycutt before, his father, Lynn, played for the Aggies in 1978 and '79.

Jameill Showers is the same type of dual threat quarterback, but possesses better skills as a passer than Honeycutt. He is a great decision maker both in the pocket and when on the move; he rarely makes mistakes down field and knows when to take the ball himself.

He has great arm strength as well, but it is his decision making that sets him apart from the other two guys. According to Rivals and ESPN, he is the better of the three prospects.

Matt Joeckel is the polar opposite of the other recruits. His greatest strengths are technique, arm strength, and pocket presence. The only problem he has is with deep ball accuracy, but people said the same about Colt McCoy.

I'm not gonna sit here and say Joeckel is the next McCoy, but he is probably the better pro prospect of the three players.

His stats don't shy him away from that comparison, however, as he had 3,145 yards, 40 touchdowns, and six interceptions in his senior season (as well as 733 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns). Although he is rated lower than Showers, most believe he has the most upside in his class.

Joeckel may emerge as the best option to take over for Jerrod Johnson, as long as he can adjust from the shotgun spread offense he ran in high school to the pro formation Coach Mike Sherman runs.

It is safe to say that there is a quarterback controversy brewing in College Station. Hopefully it will lead to all three pushing each other to maximize their potential, they are roommates, after all.