CBS Commissioner League Fantasy Baseball: Flat-Out Amazing

Illya HarrellAnalyst IIMarch 31, 2010

I had high expectations for the Commissioner Leagues.  My high expectation were not only met, they were exceeded at least 10-fold.  Never have I played a fantasy game so intricate.

After telling the guys who I have shared the same Yahoo league with for about five-years about the opportunity to play the commissioner league for free, they jumped at the opportunity and abandoned the league (which was already under construction).

But I'm not here to talk about their weak-butted teams.

First off, after conferring with the other guys, we settled on a 12-team.  It's a head-to-head league.  Even though it was tempting to get crazy with the multitude of stat categories that the CBS league offered over the Yahoo league, we decided to keep it fairly simple this season.

Next season, I've already decided to keep it running no matter what the cost.

Since this is the first article, I'm just talking about my team.  

I had the fifth overall pick, and even though A-Rod was still available, I went with "The Hebrew Hammer," Ryan Braun. 

I probably should have taken a pitcher in the second.  But my "Kung-Fu Panda" love got in the way, so I drafted Pablo Sandoval.  Tim Lincecum was already off the board, but he had been the only pitcher takenso Félix Hernández and Zack Greinke were still available.

But not so when it came around for my third round choice.

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After my "Big Panda" choice, and with the three top-tier pitchers gone, I lucked in to Joey Votto.  That may have been my downfall.  I had told myself over and over again to stay away from the Cincinnati Reds' players.

In the league, it's no secret that the Reds are my favorite team.  So I am thinking it may have been a conspiracy to get me started drafting numerous Reds.

Orlando Cabrera was a good pick because I nabbed him late.  But I am too embarrassed to admit the rounds in which I drafted Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, and Nick Masset.

When the team I Carry a Big Stick drafted Joba Chamberlain late, I did a "HA HA HA HA."  He replied with a "Shut it." And released him almost immediately after the draft.

Not being a big believer in drafting stud relievers, I put in a claim for him.  I think he is perfectly suited for the bullpen, and after I hire Jeff Gillooly to take out the knees of Mariano Rivera, I'll be set for a 40 save season from Joba.

I'm still wondering why I was laughed at for drafting Milton Bradley.

Again, the link to the special offer to Bleacher Report members is:

Enough can't be said about the Commissioner Leagues on CBS.