Dodge This: WTF Is Going On Vickie and Edge?!

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

After watching the Friday Night SmackDown!, I couldn't help but be sick to my stomach.  What is this crap?  Just when you thought that SmackDown! was going to be good to watch now,  look what had happened.  They are back together.  This really bites the big one. 

When the show started out with Edge talking about Vickie Guerrero, I thought that the show had some promise to it.  Then Vickie came out and told Edge that she was still his boss.  That was priceless.  She then persisted to set the match with Edge and the big show.  That got me laughing. 

Then you see Edge int he locker room with La Familia, and here is Chavo telling Edge that they are family.  Now, am I the only one that remembers how Chavo treats his family.  I, personally, would take that as an insult if he said it to me.  It just means that he will stab you in the back as soon as you turn around.  Chavo then went on to say how he was going to set it straight with Vickie.  What Ever!

Chavo then lived up to his potential when he went in to talk to Vickie. He played both sides just like he has always done.  I really thought Vickie had some good potential when she told Chavo to shut up.  Then persisted to put him in a match with Triple H.  That was good to see. 

The big clincher for me, was when La Familia was in the locker room with Edge and Vickie wheeled in.  She really had some potential when she told Edge to go and take the beating like a real man, if he was one.  She even made it a no disqualification match, then told La Familia that if they showed up to the ring that they would be fired.  And Edge would be fired if he didn't go to the match.  That was priceless, just to see the look on his face. 

The match with Edge and The Big Show was good until the end, that was when Vickie stopped the match when The Big Show was going to make a sandwich with Edge's head and to steal chairs.  She stopped the match and climbed into the ring to through herself over Edge.  That was just to romantic for me, it really turned my stomach.  My stomach then did a really big flip when she told Edge that she loved him and he asked her to marry him again, of course, she said yes. 

The gagging started when they started kissing.  But then my stomach stopped convulsing when I saw the look on Edge's face.  The look was like he is up to something, then I started thinking about the whole night, and I could see him planning everything to work out to his favor. 

Think of this.  What if Edge did plan this to help so that he could get Triple H's title?  He knows that he can't win the match by himself and the only way to get it is with La Familia helping him out.  He needs Vickie Guerrero on his side so that he can get that title. 

It really doesn't say much about Vickie Guerrero due to she took the bait. She is the biggest puppet on a string with Edge guiding her exactly where he wants her.

Now I am going to have to wait another week to see what is to come again on SmackDown!  This really justs bites the big one.

And for all of you that thought that Edge was going to get caught with the wedding planner, well that could still happen.