WrestleMania 26: Dreams DO Come True

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

For all you IWC fans out there that hated WM 26 and the likes of the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon match, all I got to say is shut the hell up and understand the basics of the match. The entire show from top to bottom was pure entertainment and made it one hell of a night to NEVER forget.

WrestleMania and WWE is ENTERTAINMENT. You want wrasslin', go watch ROH or PWG. Not knocking them, but they are the Indys for a reason. WWE is New York for a damn good reason. WM 26 broke records and I wouldn't doubt to see WM get well over a million buys and be a highly profitable PPV because of the price increase and how special the night was.

First off, GREAT tributes to the late Eddie Guerrero. CM Punk has made the rounds before Mania talking about his match with Rey and how one of his favorite moments was a triple threat match with Rey and Eddie. This match was short at WrestleMania, but this sets up the feud to continue. I would have loved to see Punk win, but that wasn't the case. Nice bout and Rey gave a nice tribute to Eddie.

The other time, was Vickie shaking her shoulders. Again, this is ENTERTAINMENT. I read a lot of reports bashing Vickie and saying she was destroying the Guerrero name. To those fans, I say F U! I know Eddie is watching in Heaven and smiling down on his wife. She seemed to have fun in the ring and at least she gets a reaction. I don't care if it is "X-Pac heat" the point is, one must draw a reaction in the ring. And Vickie does that. Eddie would be proud.

MizShow retained. Not much to write home about there. I'm kind of over John Morrison, especially for his shit talking. Dude bashed John Cena before Mania, the guy that draws and makes a whole lot of money. And you call him boring? Sure, he isn't much in the five star match category, but the dude has passion and charisma. More than I can say about you, Morrison. You've gone stale, your promos suck, and I doubt you'd be getting anywhere near the top anytime soon. I won't even talk about your comments about Melina, you know, the girl that left you for Batista for a while. Guess Drew isn't the only one whipped backstage.

Jack Swagger winning was surprising, but good. IWC fans are going to whine because their guy didn't win it. Sorry, but Christian doesn't need the case. He can get the shot whenever he feels like it. As for Shelton, look at him. He may be good in the ring, but again, ENTERTAINMENT. He doesn't have IT, the look. Shelton isn't going to be anywhere near the title. He wants to be World Champion, there is always ROH. As for WWE, unless he makes a drastic change, it isn't going to happen.

The Legacy angle, well, it wasn't that great to begin with. Orton ends up doing the full face turn by doing his face pose at the end and smart to have him win. He needs to go to SD and reinvent himself. He's gotten stale over the course of the Legacy angle and a brand change might do him some good.

HHH versus Sheamus was really interesting. Thought Sheamus should have gone over, but he didn't look bad in the ring. Let's see how much Hunter can teach the young man in the coming months and see where this leads him into the end of the year.

Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon has been trashed by the IWC fans and it needs to stop. Bret has said time and time again this wasn't going to be a match, but a fight. And a nice thing to see the Hart family get their licks. Bret wasn't the only one to have suffered from Vince's crap. The Hart family name has always been devalued in the company, Owen and Bulldog still do not get the proper respect they deserve, the Hart Dynasty has been misused in the company for a LONG time, the whole family has been through hell because of Vince in some way shape or form and this was THEIR night. Then Bret locked in the Sharpshooter at the end and it was magical. Vince didn't deserve to get a hit in. Sure, blood would have been nice, but if you really want to see old men bleed, go watch TNA. Flair or Hogan are always busted open somewhere in the show. A great end to the career of Bret Hart, though.

Chris Jericho won. That made my night. That was needed and WWE did something right. Though, once Edge hit the spear at the end, I'm wondering where the hell Jack Swagger is. If there was ANY time to cash in the case, it was NOW. Jericho was out cold.

Before I hit the other two matches, Jim Ross was GREATLY missed. If there was anything wrong with the show, it was not having Ross as the announce team was not upping their game and besides the crappy audience, the announce team just wasn't clicking.

Cena versus Batista wasn't bad at all. It seemed like a quick match and enjoyable. Typical Cena win, but what do you expect. I still think the title match should have been with Sheamus and Triple H, but hey, WWE wanted a different route, so be it.

And now we get Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels. Ever since the match was talked about, IWC fans have said it would suck and not live up to the expectations of last year (though, I think it was an overrated match and not the greatest). Once again, the IWC were wrong and we got a classic and very heart felt match. The ending was pure magical with Taker not wanting to end it. He was having second doubts, much like Shawn did against Flair. However, Shawn begged for it, mocked Taker once again, and slapped him. After that, we got the most vicious tombstone in recent memory. Taker got air and DROVE Shawn to the ground. That was it. The end of an era.

First off, I believe Shawn is done for good. Shawn isn't like a guy like Hogan or Flair. Difference with Shawn, he still HAS his family. He isn't paying off women from other marriages. He has enough money to live probably the rest of his life. He'll probably be a scout or something if he ever wanted to do anything wrestling wise. He has worked for Vince for MANY MANY years and stayed loyal to him. Vince has helped Shawn out a lot and Shawn is loyal to Vince. Lastly, Shawn has small children. Time to watch them grow up and go to school, play sports, do school activities, etc. Spend some time with his wife and get involved with his ministry. Shawn has a lot going for him and doesn't need wrestling like a lot of the older guys do.

And here is MY reason why this night is going to be remembered FOREVER. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart retired together, on the same night. They might never wrestle again. This was the night that both men finished their careers. They still will be seen on TV as Bret could always help out his family and Shawn still needs to be in the HoF (probably '12 as '11 will be focused on WCW). But who would have ever thought that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels will finish their wrestling careers on the same night? All the bad blood and hate, it might FINALLY end. That is what makes the night magically and special. Never say never. Friendships can be mended. And this was historic in every sense.