The Weekly Buzz

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

The buzz this week: Cody Green, more Virginia Tech musings, and I read it on the Internet - so it must be true.

» The first of possibly many big name recruits to commit to Nebraska, this Texas Quarterback is big, fast, and accurate. Just as I said last week that it was too early to be worrying about getting guys like this, it is still too early to think that the big name players will just keep rolling in. It's still too early to think someone good won't commit and then de-commit. Can I say it enough? It's still too early.

» I guess I'm not the only who sees the bright side of the Nebraska - Virginia Tech matchup. Of course many pundits don't see much of a banner year. I think the VT game will be quite the determining factor for the rest of the year. Win that game and we see eight wins in Bo's grasp. Lose that game and seven losses could roll in just as easily.

» In the strangest incident this side of the Mississippi; One Husker fan in Austin, TX posts a fake news story about the untrue drug dealings of the Oklahoma Sooners Quarterbacks. After a reasonable apology issued by poster James W. Conradt, Landry Jones' father Kevin declares his intent to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. I've got so much to say about this one, that I don't know where to start. First of all, the radio stations are the ones who broke the stories as true. My wife, who's in the Journalism profession, says that they're the ones in the biggest lurch considering they did not check their facts. A message board is obviously not a reliable source.

Double Extra Point says that a Nebraska fan did the most awesomest thing to Oklahoma since Johnny Rodgers in 1971 when talking about the fake story. I say it could be the worst or the best thing for reporting online sports stories or otherwise. Give online writers the same legal limitations as regular writers, then they should get the same benefits, media passes and all.